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Diamond Geezer is... well... a Diamond Geezer!

So, I found Diamond Geezer whilst looking online for my wedding ring. I was a bit dodgy about buying a wedding ring online at all, but none of the shops had the style I wanted so I started looking on the net as well.

I gotta admit, I was slightly put off at first by the name Diamond Geezer... it brought up images of dodgy cockney salesmen with knocked-off watches hanging inside their trench-coat, but I couldn't ignore the fact that they had a LOT of designs and a lot of options to customise.

I decided to be thorough and looked for reviews of the site, and found every single one to be an outstanding review. I also trusted my instinct and, depsite the name, had a good feeling about the site. I left it once out of blind fear but came back to it, and I'm glad I did!

I found searching through the vast amounts of rings a little bit fiddly, especially as the filters seem to be a bit odd, for example if you want only 8mm rings there is an 8mm filter in one category such as Mens Diamond-Set rings, but not in Designer-Diamond rings. If you take the filters out altogether you get about 2000 designs, but a lot of them are duplicated many times for different sizes and different types of metal. Also there is only a "next page" and "previous page" button but no indication of how many pages you have to go through!

With all that said, once you have mastered the filter engine you can get down to business. The rings are (in the words of a famous beer brand) reassuringly expensive. A lot of websites on the internet claim to be selling diamond rings for US$100 or less and to me that just sounds dodgy. If you are wondering where the catch is there usually is one!

Before I ordered my ring I called customer service as my fingers are smaller than the smallest mens size available. The customer service guy was extremely friendly and helpful, he arranged for the website to be altered to show my ring as a ladies ring so that it came in my size, and also gave me some insight into how the design of the ring would alter to accommodate the larger width that I wanted.

Once the order was placed I got a very helpful progress tracking site. I also noticed in the terms and conditions that resizing has to be within 30 days and queried this on the order form as I work away for 42 days at a time and won't be able to try it on until I get home. I got an E-mail back the next day saying this wouldn't be a problem, again, very reassuring and helpful.

The progress tracker is great, it doesn't just say "taken money" and "dispatched" like a lot of tracking sites, but has all the stages of manufacturing so you can really get an idea with what is going on. There was a slight delay with one of the stages and again I was contacted politely and promptly by customer services asking if it was ok to have the ring an extra couple of days.

Once this was agreed the ring was despatched on the exact (revised) day that they said it would be, and was received by my girlfriend today. She says the ring is beautiful, and the alterations to the design for the extra width are exactly as the original customer service agent described.

Overall I have found Diamond Geezer to be a very pleasant internet-shopping experience. Their service is excellent, the choice is excellent and the prices are what you would expect to pay for the jewelry.

Thanks DG, be seeing you again sometime!

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