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Unhelpful and unacceptable, poor service!

So I ordered something from and was tracking it, only to find that it had been left in my letterbox. Guess what? Nothing there and no card. After calling Yodel, I was told they were on the case and someone would call me within a few hours. Lies, as after 6 I called THEM back, to be told that the driver was adamant that he posted it through the letterbox and the right address, to which I replied with "Obviously it wasn't the right address because I haven't got ANYTHING" The not so nice woman got sarcastic with me and rude and said I was basically a liar and to contact Very.

After contacting very (Who were so helpful and apologetic) they said they would be on the case to Yodel and they would give me a call back ASAP to let me know what the outcome was. They even offered to refund the delivery charge. Which I didn't expect, nor ask, but was nice nevertheless.
As I have not heard anything as of yet, I decoded to contact Very again to find that the parcel was attempted to be delivered again this morning... But hang on, wasn't it posed through the correct letterbox yesterday? How strange. But it gets stranger... There's no card, no parcel and no one knocking on my door at the time it said. When I looked at the tracking information, it's now held at the Enfield Depot. To which I don't have a card to know where they are, what time they close or anything. So I guess it's anyone's bet to when I will be seeing my item!

Absolutely ridiculous and poor service. If I had a choice I would NEVER use this company.

30 April 2013

Reply from Yodel

Hi Travis. Just to remind you that we are here to help with any queries you may have concerning your parcels, now and in the future. Our email is Feel free to get in touch. Michelle.

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