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### DO NOT USE ### RIP OFF worst company used so far

Sent my phone in, offered £128. Had to pay to send the phone as the 'free postage' offered on the site is incorrect. they refused to refund this.
Was emailed to advise scratches to the phone. re valued at £78.
The phone had a case and screen protector on from day one. Phone was sent in perfect condition. After refusing to accept the offer, they are now demanding £10 to send the phone back, despite insured postage only costing £6.95.

Was forced to signed declaration of conformity and remove this review otherwise they will keep my phone.
They Did not send 'evidence of damage' they used for re valuation.

I re-worded the declaration and sent it back stating I am allowed to post this review, signed it and they sent me the phone back. They must not have read the deceleration I sent them!! Luckily

Total rip off and con artists. do not use, will make sure no one I know is duped by this company.
Please do not look at one review, look at the previous ones. They force most to remove reviews or keep handsets but as you can see most leave negative feedback!!

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14 May 2013

Reply from Bozowi

Hi Graham, thanks for your feedback. We'd like to respond.

We did previously offer a traditional Royal Mail freepost service, but after they re-classified mobile phones as "dangerous" (you can read about it here ) we were forced to stop offering that service - however, we did replace it with another freepost service using an "R48" form. In all but name, we were able to offer a like-for-like "Freepost" service. In addition to that, we also offer customers two levels of paid postage, offering increasing levels of insurance and tracking capabilities - and if customers are in the area, they're welcome to drop their device in personally.

We're sorry that we didn't find the phone to be in perfect condition - scratches on the unit or screen inevitably reduce the market value of a device. Similarly, to get a device network unlocked also impacts on value, but we do like to work with customers and ask if they can supply the network unlocking code (which many networks will provide free of charge to customers) which enables us to offer more to you. The vast majority of our customers do this to a positive end.

We regret you think you've been involved in a "rip off", because we've followed our Terms and Conditions to the letter, been very open in our communication with you and eager to find ways of offering you a higher price for your device. We certainly don't want negative reviews blocked - as you've highlighted, there are a number on this page, for example - we simply want to make sure that the comments are balanced and give an accurate picture of using our service. We value our customers right to reply and comment, and we'd wholeheartedly agree - people visiting this page should read many reviews: both the 1 and 2 star negatives, and the more than three quarters of our reviews that are at 3 to 5 stars.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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