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Bad customer service, customer enquieries which are not send to me and a advertisement rate which is not acceptable compared with other holiday rental sites. .

I am now 2 years advertising my holiday home with homeaway.co.uk. Since the restructure of the site and the change of name (before holiday-rentals.co.uk) everything came worse. Many enquiries was not forwarded to me, I checked this by sending test enquiries for my holiday rental (by myself and through friend using different mail addresses and networks). A customer which didn't got a response after enquiring on homeaway.co.uk was call me and asked why I didn't answer his mail which made me to check about that matter. Worse is that the customers (and me when I send the test enquiries) got a confirmation mail from homeaway that the enquiry has been forwarded to the owner (me). Because of not receiving this enquiries I couldn't response. This is a big loss for me, because this customers wont enquire again for my holiday rental (even on other sites) because of not getting a reply. I complained to the customer service and I forwarded to them all test enquiries which hasn't been forwarded to me. The customer service just said this happens because of their spam filter system which block mails from 'non trusted countries!! and non trusted networks!!! --- In short words this system is blocking mails which are send from specific countries and/or through specific network operators to be send to the holiday rental owner!!! I guess the only trusted countries for them is the US and UK. Other bad changes after changing the website name are that no enquiries been forwarded per sms notification (which worked before with any problems), Google rank has been removed from the adverts ( before page rank 1 or 2 now no ranking). Since the changes on the homeaway/holiday-rentals website it looks like the homeaway company is not interested in providing best service for the high advertisement fees anymore, they are just looking for more profit with saving money in less investing in customer service and seo services. Myself I got no booking since the last renewal of my advert (that time the changes of their website started -June 2012-). Other sites, including my own homepage, where I advertise are just bringing the same amount of good enquiries and bookings as before.

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