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Great Service

I ordered 6 tyres 2 for a camper " Pirelli "and 4 for a VW Golf "Firestone" all arrived as ordered and on time, The price charged was the best I was able to find on the net for thes brand name tyres.

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Was good as Holiday Rentals Now as HomeAway leaves a lot to be desired

In short I agree with almost all who claim that the service and value is NOT WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN

I have advertised with HomeAway for many years with a break in between, At first it was Holiday rentals and gave reasonable service certainly value for money, but then it became HomeAway and it has changed and not for the good, an owner needs to have familiarity but a "dash board" was introduced adding unnecessary complications and the need to relearn how to change and up date, but by far my biggest gripe is that at one time as long as you kept your calendar up to date you would find yourself higher in the listings this meant that anyone who was willing to put the effort in could keep themselves in view on the ratings, but now you need to pay to be found early in searches, then pay again for all other services that you may want, already they are one of the more expensive company’s about. In summing up I strongly agree that they are fast becoming too expensive to use, I keep records of conversion rate across all of the enquiries and lets, this gives me the ability to ensure that this company is still viable but HomeAway is becoming more expensive each year to get lets with a cost of about £50.00 per conversion of an enquiry into a let against three years ago a cost of about £25.00 per let, if this trend continues I will be moving as we the owners are not here for HomeAway but rather the reverse they are here to work on our behalf and help us get lets without adding additional costs all the time.

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