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Genuine positive reviews removed - false negatives allowed to remain.

We're facing two major problems with TrustPilot.

In the first instance, we have found that genuine customers of ours (confirmed by order numbers, names, addresses, details on our system) who have left us positive reviews are having their comments deleted by TrustPilot.

Furthermore, we have had difficultly in getting what we have determined to be reviews from non-genuine customers or fictitious or inaccurate reviews removed from our mobile phone recycling company’s TrustPilot pages.

We currently have reviews from customers who have posted negative comments about the company, but we have yet to receive their devices for recycling. This leaves us concluding they were never genuine customers of Bozowi, and should therefore be removed under TrustPilot Customer Service Guidelines.

We have closely followed the policy of reporting customers we have deemed to be either non-genuine users or those that have posted reviews which are so factually inaccurate that they portray an unfairly negative picture of our business practices, yet without exception we have yet to have these reviews removed. Inevitably, they simply re-appear.

We’ve noted with some concern that other companies within our sector seem to have more success in the deletion of inappropriate posts.

In the absence of any evidence to the contrary, we can only conclude that we are being unjustly victimized with regards to the customer service we are receiving from TrustPilot, and are having to deal with the real and measurable financial damage such unfounded negative reviews have on our business.

Our questions are:

Why are genuine customers who leave positive reviews having their posts deleted?

Why are the customers not being contact by TrustPilot to confirm their status as genuine reviewers?

Why are negative reviews which we can prove are fake allowed to stand?


We've noted that, after informing us you'd contact our legitimate reviewers last week, that one has been contacted today. What is confusing is that this one particular reviewer, after replying to your correspondence and confirming his status as a legitimate customer of, has still has had his review removed. We're thankful he CC'ed us into his email to you confirming his status, and can understand why he is annoyed at having to prove his legitimacy to you and having to field emails from us chasing up whether he's been contacted by you. What we can't understand, however, is why after giving you the information you requested, he's still been removed?

With regards to reaching out to the other reviewers and asking them for a proof of purchase in an attempt to prevent malicious attacks from competitors, we're concerned that, after contacting the rest of the reviewers personally again, they have not yet heard from you to provide this clarification. We've also noted that the investigation into negative reviews appear to be concluded much more quickly than investigations into positives that other users have flagged as being suspect.

With regards to the unusually high amount of reported reviews on our company profile, all of which you identify as being from another user, would that not raise a concern over that particular user rather than the target of that users attention - us? If as you state it's an unusually high figure, does it not suggest some kind of malicious intent?

We'd welcome your feedback.


30 April 2013

Reply from Trustpilot


Thanks for reaching out.

Trustpilot is a review platform where consumers can post a review about companies they buy from. When dealing with such issues we reach out to the reviewers and ask them for a proof of purchase. That ensures that the reviews are written by real customers and it's also an effective way to deal with malicious attacks from competitors, for example.

Currently, there's an unusual high amount of reported reviews on your company profile. All of them have been reported by another user. Please note that the reviews are reported for investigation - not deleted. I understand that one of our employees in Community Support has informed you about this via email.

For more information about our criteria for reviews, please read the review guidelines:

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