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CEWE Photoworld

Excellent product... eventually

I first ordered a photo book from Jessops (who use CeWe Colour / Photoworld for printing) back in December. The book itself was an excellent quality but I was very disappointed as several of the images had been repositioned in their frames so that parts of bodies etc got cut off.

I've since found out that there is a glitch in the book creation program that causes this 'repositioning' whenever you insert a new page, so if you are creating a book with them and add a page (and presumably the same applies if you delete a page), then go back over all the pages that you had already finished and make sure that they still look like they did when you last looked at them - DON'T assume that they will. In fact, before placing your order, preview the entire book one last time to ensure that it still looks like you are expecting it to look.

Anyway, I emailed Jessops and was asked to return the book with an explanation of what was wrong. They wouldn't admit there was a weird glitch in their program but were very good and as an act of goodwill issued me with a code to replace the book free of charge.

I spent several weeks using the program ensuring there could be absolutely nothing wrong with the book this time before re-ordering it. Unfortunately, when it arrived it was faulty again. This time the images appeared at an angle on the page and everything was printed too far across the page so that there was a huge gap on side of the page and virtually none at the other - you really couldn't help but notice that it wasn't right. It looked like the paper had been fed into the printer incorrectly.

I wanted a replacement obviously but Jessops had gone into administration (the day I'd last re-ordered).

Luckily, a couple of months later I got an email saying that this side of Jessops had been taken over by CeWe Colour / Photoworld. It took a lot of emails and a few phonecalls but eventually after sending the book back, they admitted there was very clearly a fault and they gave me a code to get the book reprinted at no cost to me. I was impressed that they were willing to do this so long after the 'returns' period but they seemed to understand why I had waited so long.

I now have a book that I am very pleased with (and it looks just like it did on screen when I created it). The pages are heavy weight - a sign of quality - and the overall look and feel is of an expensive book. 3rd time lucky!!!

Their customer service team was courteous throughout the process but they were unwilling to do anything after the 2nd faulty book until I returned it to them and I was extremely reluctant to do this because Jessops were in administration and I didn't want to risk ending up with no book at all!

Regarding the book creation program itself...

Gitch aside, the program is very easy to use with quick selection of alternative layouts and a multitude of options that are pretty self explanatory.

It does seem to use a lot of memory to run, so it can be very slow moving from one page to the next, especially in preview mode, but it is worth it for all the extra creative features, e.g. special effects, adjusting brightness and contrast and particularly colour filters which allow you to add more blue to images that have come out somewhat yellow from artificial light so that the colours are more natural - you really can make some 2nd rate pictures look pretty good and worthy of inclusion. None of the programs I've used from other companies allow so much creative flexibility.

A useful feature is that if you position something too close to the edge of the page then little guidelines appear with a warning message that you risk losing parts of the image that extend beyond the guidelines when it is printed. However, you don't see these guidelines or get a warning if you fill the entire page with images (i.e. no borders) but it is still possible that the outer parts of your image will be lost during printing, so it would be helpful if the guidelines were displayed all the time so that you could see whether it might be better to add some borders.

I liked that an A4 book could have up to 154 pages which is a lot more than you can have when using other companies. However, what is missing is an option to have a 'lay-flat' book so that you can more clearly see the parts of images towards the centre-fold of the book.

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