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The Optic Shop

Very Good

The website was very easy to use and all the information you would want to know was there and the prices were great. There are only two minor issues which are that some glasses say that they are in stock and then I email them to ask if they are and they say no so I would only recommend they keep their website more up to date with what is in stock. The second is that 2 of 5 emails I sent out were not responded to but this is understandable due to the amount of customers.

I placed an order on October 15th and received an email saying ready to dispatch on October 22nd - this date includes them having to restock the glasses I had ordered which is pretty impressive!!!

I had to make a phone call and I go through to a very helpful customer service person because I needed to cancel the order due to no longer needing the glasses but as an overall experience I would say extremely efficient, reliable, genuine and would definitely buy from again in the future.

This business should be an example to many other companies I have had issues with.

Thank you



This website is absolutely fantastic - it is 100% FREE with no hidden charges.
When I first signed up the questionnaire was very long and I almost felt like giving up but trust me the end result is definitely worth it.
The first person profile I clicked on is the first and last one I clicked on - After messaging each other 2-4 in the first day we then gradually emailed more and more. After approx. 4 days we started using Skype and we would talk for hours (our first conversation was 4.47hrs long). After talking for about 2 and a half months we met. It would have been sooner but I was on holiday at the time. The first time we met face to face it was like love at first sight and we ended up spending 5 days and nights together going off getting to know each other and doing things. I met him on the 16th of June and it is now the 07th of October and we are still in love. He asked me to be his boyfriend on the 2nd date which was fast and risky but it was a risk I would be prepared to take.
We see each other every weekend despite me living 4 hours away I spend Friday night to Monday morning with him and still have the time of our lives.

These are the two mistakes I made:
He still has a few feelings for his ex's
He spends all his time on video games when he isn't at work
And when I mean all the time I mean he hardly goes outside unless he needs food - the XBOX is his life. One peace of advice I would recommend is to make sure they are over their last relationship because my boyfriend still talks about how if his ex was still alive we wouldn't be together and also how he broke up with someone else but he still loves them. He wears a necklace that he refuses to take off which was from his ex and rings from his ex along with picture frames with each other together which is a bit strange but hopefully he will move on.
We still love each other no matter how much I hate his obsession with constantly playing video games.

Good to bad to good

Mixed feelings. I was very excited once I ordered my Tag Heuer 0844 because I have always been a huge fan of Tag Heuer. After waiting from the 13th of February until the 1st of April the glasses finally arrived. Unfortunatly they were the wrong ones whoch looked completely different to what I had ordered. So I sent them back. Then a few days later I got an email confirming they had receved them and were sorting out the lenses. After those 3 days of sorting out the lenses they had sent them off. To my suprise they had sent them to the wrong part of the country despite having my adress. After having the glasses sent back to them so they could send them off to the right person they finally got hear on the 8th of May. I am extremely pleased with my glasses but as much as I love the product I would not take the risk going back. Overall thank you very much and great email co-operation and friendly staff who are very useful.

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