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CEWE Photoworld

When it's good, it's very good, but there can be problems.

For several years I have used the CEWE Photobook system, originally under the Jessops banner, and recently under the Photoworld brand. Each year I make an A4 book, prior to which I make one or more Small Booklets using the same material, to ensure that I have correctly adjusted the image densities.
There has always been a problem with the images being printed much more darkly than what appeared correct on my computer monitor (or what was satisfactory on my own printer). After much correspondence with the Photoworld Service Team, it emerged that I needed to activate the Automatic Image Correction facility on every image. This is despite the fact that the default setting of the AIC is to be not actived. I recollect in the Jessops era that there was a specific recommendation that it should be de-activated for images which had been processed in an application such as Photoshop. This feature needs to be specifically explained to users, together with an explanation of what the AIC is supposed to do. I had to ask several times before being told this.

Following resolution of this problem, the results have been much more predictable. After a couple of trial small booklets, I was very satisfied with the quality of the images inside my latest A4 book.
However, the Front and Back Covers were still printed much too darkly, as compared to the 'rehearsal', using the same digital files. This is the subject of an on-going complaint.

At a more trivial level, the Photobook Assistant offers "helpful videos". When I complained that I couldn't find these, I was told they had not yet been made! This is piece of rubbish PR.

Finally, which uploading one's files, the Ordering Assistant pops up and asks for card details. After entering these,one can be left wondering why nothing else is happening, if one fails to notice that the 'Continue' button is out of sight below the bottom of the window. Only by actuating the inner scroll bar can this be seen. A small adjustment to the layout of the Ordering Assistant's window would remove this irritation.

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