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Putting BT's atrocious treatment of customers and faulty usage metre in the news

This is short although my list of complaints is long, as BT have cut me off internet and phone due to the enormous bills for internet usage that I did not use, due to their faulty metre (123 GB in 48hrs is one instance of several such ) and there are many complaints about this on their own site as well as Martins Money Matters site.

I only get cut off or wait hours for no show supervisors or non returned phone calls or get a pacifying script response to emails no actual help with this which is now so serious.

So I contacted an ethical group of journalists. If you would like to add your story so that together we can make a difference please do contact me and be patient for response given I am cut off and mostly housebound.
( I can not even sort essentials like DR's appointments / visits with being cut off like this]

I saw one 77 year old they did this to, and the stress of their denial that it could be anyone but the customers fault, especially for such vulnerable people (who also may not know enough about computers to know that is an untruth), is obviously harmful to ones health, so a stand against this bully needs to be made together before it seriously harms someone.

I am new here so do not know if there are PM's etc . Please keep posting your experiences to help protect others here and wherever appropriate.

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