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Changed review, be brave and it can pay off!

I have changed this review, look below for my original before I set off on my trip. I did receive my tickets after a short wait at a hotel near to the ground, Viagogo could do with better communication from their sellers about the tickets. The wait especially when close to the event is nerve wracking and leads to your belief in getting your tickets wearing thin. At the end I got all the tickets I paid for and was actually upgraded to VIP tickets for the seven I waited for. This was great for me although this will not happen to the majority. In the end I was very happy and surprised, no one had even suggested the VIP element and entering the Nou Camp through the hospitality entrance was amazing but the stress of not knowing what was going on even though I was constantly reassured by Viagogo means I would rather know where my tickets were and why half turned up three weeks before the there you go, it can work out really well and it did for me but please sort it out so there is less stress!!

I have used Viagogo to purchase tickets to watch Barcelona FC this weekend several weeks ago. I bought two lots, one of 6 and another of 7 for our party of 13. I received the first group of 6 tickets almost immediately but right now I am very worried about the second group, Trans ID 3045695. The first group of tickets were from London, no problem but the second group were coming from Israel? As of now Monday night there is no tracking number, I've had two 'standard' responses from Viagogo one saying don't worry it's normal and another asking me to change the address. Their website says I should have the tickets 3 days before which as the game was originally scheduled for the Saturday should've been fine. Anyway the short story is beware, unless you like the stress of not knowing whether £700 is going to disappear!

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