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Awful Company....Avoid

We ordered an ottoman bed in August last year, this was, surprisingly knowing what we know now, delivered on time. However, after a very short time the bed slats kept collapsing and we complained that the bed was not fit for purpose. World Stores agreed straight away that I could return the bed and look for an alternative. Fabulous, I thought, but this feeling was to be short lived. After agreeing on another model, I was told that the new bed would be delivered on the same day as the old bed was collected. We duly dismantled the old bed the night before as we didn't know how early the exchange/ delivery was going to take place, which meant my son had to sleep on the floor that night, but that was okay. The delivery chap turned up at 6.30pm the next day, but low and behold he was only there to collect the faulty bed and didn't know anything about the replacement. I checked my emails and I had received one saying that unfortunately the new bed wouldn't be coming on that day (Tuesday), but to let the delivery man collect the old bed and the new one would be with me the next day. On the Wednesday time was getting on and still no sign, so I called World Stores who said that the bed wouldn't be coming then either because someone had entered the delivery date incorrectly, it was too late to get the delivery arranged for the next day, so it was now going to be Friday. Well, Friday came and still no bed ( what a shock!) I called again and was told that it wouldnt be coming as they had sent it to the wrong delivery depot. I was told that it would now be delivered on Saturday. Finally, and after calling the delivery company myself, TWO beds were delivered on Saturday. They were both very poorly packed and the delivery chap said if I was you I would accept both and choose the best one. I explained that I didn't want to have to wait in again for it to be collected, but he told me that I should leave it outside (funnily enough, they were quite sharp in collecting this!) I was assured throughout the week that after I finally got my delivery then I would be able to ask for a gesture of good will (they won't call it compensation, as that means admitting responsibility). I duly contacted World Stores explaining the catalogue of errors I had experienced, that I had wasted 4 days waiting in for the delivery and that my son had been sleeping on the floor for 5 nights, this apart from all the 30 minutes plus phone calls, hanging on waiting in a queue goodness knows how many times and the countless emails I've sent. I was told that they could offer my £30, I explained that this wasn't good enough and the advisor that said my complaint could be forwarded to the 'escalated complaints department' but this takes upto 7 days for a reply. After chasing this reply I finally got a call saying that they would still only offer me £30 as they dont cover consequential loss. I asked to speak to the complaints manager and explained that £30 was a ridiculous amount for wasting all the time I had and I asked how on earth they had come to this figure. I was told that they don't need to justify this amount to me and did I want to accept it or not? I said I was very unhappy but I suppose I had no choice unless I want to take it to court, which I couldn't be bothered with and which is what I'm sure they rely on. The £30 was refunded quite promptly to be fair, but I'm so disappointed and disillusioned with the whole debacle that I can only recommend that for your own sanity to avoid this company like the plague.

Update: I have been contacted by WorldStores and will post another update when the case is finalised.
Further Update: I received a call from World Stores saying that they had seen I'd left a review on Trustpilot and they needed to do something about it. They offered me a further good will gesture amount, which I accepted. It's annoying that, prior to me leaving a review, I had waited 7 days for a further offer and had quite a heated exchange with them only to be told that £30 was as high as they would go. It's a shame that it takes rotten reviews to make them increase this and act fairly and responsibly.

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30 April 2013

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Dear Donna,

Thank you for your review. I am really sorry to read about the problems that you experienced, especially for the amount of time you had to wait for the new bed considering the original was not fit for purpose. I will be in touch shortly to see what we can do to restore your faith in us.

Kind Regards

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