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Micro Direct

Some issues, but were resolved to my satisfaction in a reasonable time

--- Review Summary ---

Telephone Contact: Just terrible 1/5
"Some clueless callcentre or a sodding 0871"

*EMAIL* Customer Service: Negotiable and Fair 3/5
"When you can actually get in touch with these guys they're very reasonable"

Website: 2/5
"Easy to use, but stock levels may be inaccurate"

Delivery times: 5/5
"If its genuinely in stock, next-day delivery is just that"

Value: The reason i shop with them 4/5
"Always has been some of the best prices locally"

Product 5/5 (LG 22" @£85 + Seagate 500Gb @£45)
"Got exactly what i paid for - brand name at good prices"

Has been overall 4/5 in person before, but delivery experience *during xmas* was a 3/5.
I would recommend to a friend and use them again, because they are a small enough company to still give a personal service including aftersales (and with national companies like [external reference] and [external reference] thats just not there).

Just stay away from their phones, start with email, and the moaning and the wailing about microdirect on the review sites i have seen a lot of shouldn't be you.

--- Review Below ---

First time i shopped online delivery with these, but a previous happy customer calling and collecting at the store. A definite 3-star experience, wish i could review a four star, but there are some infuriating problems with telephone contact.

Background: i ordered over the phone a monitor and external hard drive, two days before christmas.

Ordering just before christmas, i expected a late delivery and they said likely the 29th, but suggested £5 next-day delivery rather than royal mail, i agreed, anything but royal mail. But the monitor came the very next day, xmas eve. Which was awesome. But no hard drive. And the direct line i'd been given upon ordering went to voicemail (its xmas eve - thats ok). I called the number on the website again, but got some girl who seemed to know nothing at all about the company except that it would be closed till 4th Jan - 11 days later.

I stupidly accepted that, and as after the 27th the days passed with no delivery, i called the number again and again. The number would just put you on hold and ring and ring, with a nice little "you're call will be answered VERY SOON" to taunt you. I then checked the website for another contact number, and saw a notice which said they had been open since the 28th. *groan*

I saw an email address, and tried it, even though i didn't expect an answer after that, i got one back in minutes. Let me just stress this here before i continue. NEVER PHONE THE 0161 NUMBERS ON THE WEBSITE. I think its a call answering service and they don't know anything, will palm you off of the phone with any old BS. I first contacted them on an 0871 number (which was certainly direct to a guy in the shop) i had got off 118118 (had no monitor - so no internet) - while the guy was very helpful and efficient, i was on the clock for about 15p a minute on my landline. WHICH SUCKS HUGELY. Seriously, 0871 for a sales line - thats very poor. He did call me back later to confirm the order though, giving me his direct line. Infuriating as the phones were - i feel bad moaning. The actual contact i have directly had with them has actually been satisfactory.

If you can; EMAIL THEM. The response i got was quick and direct.

Next, in the email i was told they had been out of stock of the hard drive, despite taking my money over the phone for it as in stock at the time, for which they apologised that i was not informed (again xmas - its ok). My guess is the phone guy just checked the website - which may not always be bang up to date with actual stock levels. The customer service email suggested i had 2 options, an alternative hard drive, or a refund by "credit note". I said i was happy to accept a price and spec matched alternative, but if there was none, i wanted a proper refund not micro-direct dollars. The reply was basically that a full refund was what he had meant and so i am satisfied that a full refund was actually offered.

I asked him to check the suggested alternative was actually in stock this time and he did, and it promptly arrived the next day. Yes, thats a next day xmas eve delivery and NYE delivery. They use City Link who are clearly an amazing delivery co.

See the scores above, and remember to *email* this company first regarding any issue for a smoother ride.

--- End of review ---

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