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Pathetic! A Waste Of Two Days Off

Posting this review on behalf of my partner. Had to use Yodel for a "return of goods" via a big and very well known company. Made my order on Friday (26/04/13) for the item to be collected on Monday. It's not often I have two days off from work in a row so my plan was to stay in on Monday and enjoy my only other day off this week (today). Well that plan went out the window...

On Monday I waited and waited and waited but no collection. First thing I don't understand is why they don't have any time slots for collection. They basically collect between 09:00-17:00 or bust. Called Yodel customer service at 16:00 and was advised that there was a system error with my order and that they would need to reschedule for Tuesday (today). This was a little annoying but I still had hope that I would enjoy part of my day off today. How wrong I was...

Today I decided to play it safe so I called Yodel early this morning and queried whether they had all the relevant details. I was reassured by them that yes they had my details and that they would definitely collect today. Well once again I waited and waited and waited. 16:00 came and still no collection. I again called their customer service line. I was told again that there was a problem and that they would have to reschedule for Wednesday. By now I was absolutely furious. I told them I would not reschedule but contact the original company I ordered from and see if I could work something else out.

Anyway contacted the other company and told them how Yodel had messed me around. They told me I could post it to them via [Link]. 25 minutes later I was at the post office and the parcel has now been sent. If I had known this yesterday I would not bothered wasting today sitting at home twiddling my thumbs.

Moral of the story: If you want things done right do it yourself when using Yodel is concerned. My first bad experience with a courier company. Terrible all round. A total waste of my two days off when I could have been basking in the glorious sunshine which does not come around too often. You have been warned.

Edit 03/05/13

Did you actually read my review Laura? I sent the item myself, and Amazon have received it, so there is nothing you can do or say that can make my experience positive. Only thing you could do is reimburse me for my two days off from work that I spent waiting in my flat. Any chance of that happening??

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02 May 2013

Reply from Yodel

Hi Karen,

I'm here to help! If you email your full address and a contact number to social.media@yodel.co.uk, I'll take a look into this for you.


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