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Barrington Sports

Great products but did not deliver on promise

Barrington sports sent me an introductory email saying that they thought I would like their products and offering me 20% off my first order which would not be visible until check out. I duly explored their website via the link in the email, agreed that they have a fantastic range of products and ordered some things. Except for a small discount applied to one bag I did not receive the promised 20% off my first order. However, I was very happy with all the products. Would I use them again? Yes for quality and speed of delivery of purchased items. I would remain cynical about any offer of a discount, including the 5% one attached to the request to do this review

01 May 2013

Reply from Barrington Sports

Hi Marion,

Thank you for your feedback, we were sorry to hear that the 20% was not applied to your order. We have now refunded the 20% and our IT department are investigating further. We have this morning left you a voice mail and further information has been sent to your email address, If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Team


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United States