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Earn cashback on everything

Great company who offer cashback on all your shopping. Have never had an issue and would recommend unreservedly.


My partner and I bought contract mobile phones on a cashback plan through in February 2012. The phones arrived in good time and there were no apparent issues. The scheme was 'cashback by redemption' meaning that we had to mail in our statements and a voucher every few months (with increasing regularity) through the 2 year term of the contract. Complicated and fiddly, but at the first claim date we diligently gathered together 6 months of statements and the vouchers and sent our packages off, awaiting a return of £60 each. Imagine our dismay when we heard absolutely nothing. On contacting the company we were asked whether we had used recorded mail. In their small print they 'recommend' using recorded mail and mysteriously, without it, *both* of our packages had gone missing - despite being sent separately, at different times from different post offices. Suspicious, much?? £120 gone as we were now too late to claim again.

So it was with some hesitation that we sent our next lot of statements and vouchers off - by recorded delivery. Mine were returned because I had missed one of the statements. My partner's was paid in full, but when I returned all the correct statements I was only given a part payment - no explanation was ever offered.

Our third batch of statements has been sent and we are awaiting our latest payments. An email confirmation of receipt from them is dated 9/4/13 but on 1/5/13 I am still waiting to see if I am going to actually receive a payment from them, which can take 'up to 56 days.'

I will *never* buy from this company again and have warned everyone - friends and enemies - to steer clear. It is a scam company. They are incredibly dishonest and deceptive. The way that their 'cashback by redemption' scheme is set up is designed to prevent people claiming at every step - the vouchers which, if lost, cannot be replaced, the fact that non-recorded mail goes in the shredder rather than being processed, the fact that they are so picky about which pages of your statements you send ("if in doubt, send the whole bill" - yeah, so I am going to send you my itemised, 16 page bill x 6?! I don't think so!), the fact that they take so long to make a payment so that by the time you realise you haven't been paid, or haven't been paid in full, it is 'past the claim date' and too late to do anything about it.

All in all, a very nasty, dishonest company. Learn from my mistake and find somewhere else to buy your phone - it might look like a bargain but it's just an elaborate scam.

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02 May 2013

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We are sincerely sorry for any unpleasant experience you have had and will be feeding back your comments to the relevant teams.
We recommend that you contact our customer service team and speak to them with this matter, they will be able to assist you.

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