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Why offer a specific day if you can't possibly deliver on it?

Well, we decided to order ourselves a new bed (and a wardrobe set on another order) and thought that as my wife was able to take today (the 1st of May) off work we would arrange for our delivery to arrive then. This was definitely not a problem as this was offered as a specific delivery date in the checkout.

We happily paid and then took our old bed apart on Monday night so we could be ready for our delivery. At 9.00 Wednesday morning (the date we'd picked for delivery) we received a mail to say the bed was with the courier. I checked the tracking site every hour to see when the bed was out for delivery, only to keep seeing that it was still sitting in the depot. We checked with the courier (XDP - who are impossible to get in touch with!) to find out that the delivery booked was a 2-5 day service and not the date we'd arranged with worldstores.

Not being completely new to ordering items online, we can understand something being delivered with a range like this. What we have never experienced before is being told we can have delivery on a certain date and arranging time off work (not to mention sleeping on the floor for however many nights the bed will take to arrive) only to find out that this isn't a deliverable option!!!

Finding this out we tried to contact worldstores to see if they could help with the delivery. Not unreasonable seeing as they had promised delivery on a certain day. So far we have had unanswered phone calls, been passed on to the courier (who don't answer calls) and had to email them to ask for clarification)

After sales care for this company has so far been non-existent for us and we are certainly not happy that we will be spending the foreseeable future sleeping on the floor due to the company offering something it can't deliver!!!!!!

If my company offered service like this I don't think we'd be in business too long! Not happy and won't be recommending this company to anyone for the reason that they offer delivery they cannot guarantee, wasting our precious holiday allowance in the process.

EDIT 02May2013
I received a call from the courier this morning telling me that my shipment from Worldstores was returned by them to worldstores as it was damaged and they refused to deliver damaged goods. They told me that Worldstores had been informed and they had asked them to supply a replacement and inform the customer, i.e. ME. Needless to say I have heard nothing from this feckless company about the delay to my order, or, in fact, whether they are sending a replacement out to me. Utterly shambolic and if I do not at least hear from this company by the end of today I will be cancelling my order, and taking this as far as possible.

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02 May 2013

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Dear Philip,

I am really sorry to hear about the problems you have had with your order and the deliveries. I can see that a member of our complaints team is dealing with your order at the moment and has already contacted you. I will speak to them to make sure your order has now been resolved.

Kind Regards


Zero communication and a whole day wasted, waiting for our bedroom furniture to arrive.

I ordered a bed and wardrobe through world stores who used xdp as their courier. I specified at the time of order that I wanted the order delivered on 1st May as this was the day my wife had taken off work. I received an email from world stores that morning stating that delivery was out and that it would be delivered between 9 and 6. My wife waited in all day for no delivery to arrive. She took a day off work for this and we are not happy that our order wasn’t delivered. We can’t afford to have to keep taking extra days to wait in for it to be delivered again, especially at such short notice for our companies, and when we tried phoning the number of our local depot all we got was the answering machine. The consignment number is ZWAFWK000866. We would appreciate a resolution to this matter

EDIT 02May2013

I received a phone call from Jennifer this morning who informed me that the delay to my delivery was due to the supplier trying to ship me damaged goods and XDP refusing to deliver it as it was clearly damaged. Thank you Jennifer for your prompt asssistance with this, I shall update my rating accordingly.

13 May 2013

Reply from

Hello Phillip, as discussed this matter is being resolved with your supplier.

Kind regards Jennifer

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