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Do not touch with a bargepole – they don't care about their customers.

Our order of four doors was expected on a Wednesday, and we received an email confirming this. On the Wednesday morning my wife received a voicemail 'to confirm delivery on Thursday'. There was no apology or explanation. We were not available to take delivery on Thursday.

I tried phoning DoorsWorld (on an expensive number) and a recorded message told me that after-sales enquiries were email only. I immediately called pre-sales (the only ones receiving calls) to tell them what had happened, in the hope of getting a delivery that day. The salesperson said I could only make my enquiry by email. I told her that my wife had actually been telephoned and it was a matter of urgency that I spoke to someone. She refused and insisted I could only email.

I wrote an email expressing my frustration, and received a reply at the end of the day telling me there had been a 'system error' and that the order would arrive on Thursday, sometime between 8am and 6pm. Not at all helpful to us. We tried to arrange for various family members to be at home on Thursday to collect the delivery, but at some points in the day, such as the school run, the house was empty.

By 6pm we had received no delivery. I complained by email and received a very obscure, jargon-ridden email the next day telling me that the address had been 'carded' and would go back out for delivery on Monday. I had no idea what carded meant, and no-one had checked that Monday was ok with me. I later found out that 'carded' meant a card has been left by the courier to indicate they had attempted delivery but no-one was available. We received no card. Also, the recorded delivery time indicated that someone would have been at home at the time. My wife had received an unidentified mobile number around the same time, which she missed, but no message had been left. To this day we don't know if this was the courier as no-one has answered our questions. We couldn't even find out if the courier had tried delivering to the wrong address – it was as though my emails simply weren't being read.

At this point I was feeling very frustrated and let down. I made a complaint by email the next morning and requested a refund of the delivery cost as a good will gesture to compensate for our inconvenience. I received no reply that day. That evening I emailed to say if there was one more problem with the delivery I would cancel the order. I received a reply the next day with more jargon about our address being 'Closed', whatever that means, and telling me what I already knew – that the delivery was re-scheduled for Monday. There was no mention of waiving the delivery fee. This was simply ignored.

On Monday my wife cleared her diary and waited in all day for the delivery. At 2.30 pm she called the courier direct to check their location. They told her the delivery was scheduled for Tuesday and that they had given DoorsWorld this information. It's pretty hard to articulate our exasperation and anger at this point. I immediately sent a 'last chance' email to DoorsWorld asking for a full refund of the delivery cost or I would cancel the order. I had received no reply by 10.30 the next morning so I then cancelled the order. There were no further apologies or attempts to offer a discount in order to buy back our business.

This experience has left us angry, disappointed and very inconvenienced. We had a carpenter doing odd-jobs for us in the first week, who was going to fit the doors for free – this opportunity was missed and is now not open to us. Worst of all, the sheer waste of time in waiting for deliveries, re-arranging schedules and writing emails has been particularly galling.

The only conclusion I can reasonably draw from this whole experience is that DoorsWorld don't care about their customers, and treat them cynically and disrespectfully. I will never use DoorsWorld or its associated companies again, and will not recommend them to friends or family. I am in the process of leaving similar comments to this on review sites in order to warn other people of the potential pitfalls of dealing with this shambolic company.

Looking at the 75% satisfaction rating for DoorsWorld on this site, this tells me that 25% of its customers have had a less than acceptable experience. Can you imagine ever buying from someone on [well-known online auction company] with a mere 75% rating? Think the same way before using this company.

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02 May 2013

Reply from

Dear Matt,

I am really sorry that you have encountered so many problems with your order. I can assure you that we do care about you and all our customers and I am really sorry for the way you have been treated. I am currently look over your order history and will be contacting you to discuss your order and resolve the matter for you.

Kind Regards

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