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best roses in London

if you need something different then Roses Only is the way to go. Finest roses in a gift box.


non biased? i dont think so

I have enquired many a times on getting any sort of listing there and guess what, 3 years later it still has not happened. despite being told I would get a call back.

when you try to submit a listing the page crashes so at the end of the day you get to a dead end.

Fake and most likely under big florists umbrella

Moyses Stevens Flowers

great flowers

The only negative for me personally is the prices, but having said that the bouquet my wife received was enormous and very well presented. And they lasted a long time too.


dark horses

my order went smoothly....a few negative reviews did not put me of as most companies do have them. I made a follow up phone call to check all will be fine and was. Very pleased.


UK branch = useless!!!

I took a day off and waiting for my items to arrive from Germany. I was tracing the parcel live and at 12pm they decided to post that at 8:48am I wasnt at home???? i spent the following three hours trying to speak to someone who could help me until they said "sorry you will have to wait until tomorrow" . my front door was wide open since 8am as i had builders in the flat so where the driver actually left the card beats me??? cusomer service? friendly on the phone but that s all it is, dont expect any help. Will wait again tomorrow.

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