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Good company but fails to check that all host produce good basic standard for kitchen facilities, and clean, fresh bedding

I have used Airbnb in Europe all to our great satisfaction .
But in Beijing we have just had ( 09. 04.13)the most horrendous bad time ever. First the host left the apartment key under the carpet. Knowing that we were to arrive after 5pm. We finally arrived at 6pm.
The apartment was dirty, used bedding , no certain or blinds in bedrooms. In the kitchen, Not even cups, cutlery, crockery, saucepan. Just empty cabinets.
Then when we rang the host (Charlie) to say that for a Western guest that was a disaster, that such unsatisfactory standard, would not be expected from a self catering; he angrily requested that we leave his apartment at once. Not knowing the language, being two over 65 years old couple, we felt terrible hopeless. Where to go at night ,heavily loaded, and no means of communication. We said that under those circumstances we will stay the night in and in the morning look for help. He responded "you leave my place now" . I said " you come here, bring my money and book for hotel for us. " He was most unconsidered to our request. Half and hour later two young Chinese fellows appear to the door and hand in their mobile with our host talking to us. He said " as his apartment was not good for us he let it to those two men" . My husband and I said that we will not be in the street because of his irresponsibility. That we could stay seating in the lounge and the two men could sleep in one of the bedroom, but thrown on the street we will not be. The young men decided to leave. An hour later while we were having a meal in a near restaurant, we found our luggage outside right by the door. Open the door and there was Charlie with a French fellow. After a good talk, we finished in good terms. Charlie agreed he will return our money via airbnb and also arranged a hotel for us there and then. I left it that all of these happens for these Chinese Hosts ignore the minimum standard of Western guest for self catering. So our interested is not to give bad publicity to Airbnb neither to Charlie, but we must advise other host in China that a self catering idea is to feel at home. And to Airbnb to request all Host that cleanliness , fresh , clean bedding, and basic kitchen equipment for one to prepare one' s hot drink or meal are essential.
Airbnb Costumer Service told me that as I did not take photos of the place state. They could do nothing.for our money paid to Charlie. That that will be left between host and guest arrangement. Today, 02. 05. 13 on our arrival back to Uk. I still have not heard anything from Charlie. But " Don not worry" when I sent to him an email from our Hong Kong self catering on 28th April.
To our bad luck our self catering in Honk Kong was also with dirty,smelling bedding, and kitchen as empty as the one as Charlie's one. But this was Wimdu, not with airnb. Thus to future users of self catering in China, just be sure you do not go through what we have had.
So. Here we are. No help about our money paid for four nights at Chatlie.

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