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Simply Electronics Ltd.

You couldn't make this up!

Sooooo. Continuing the saga.

Having ordered a camera on April 4th and being told that is would be with me in a week or so, I then went through the SimplyElectronics fob off machine - firstly there was a computer glitch that told me my camera was coming when it wasn't, then it was damaged and couldnt be sent, then I asked the Sales team if they had the three advertised (they did) but for some reason they couldnt send me my order......the customer services chap said he would get the warehouse to dispatch it, but nothing happened.....

Lots of calls to Hong Kong later and loads of very calm customer services people who obviously don't care about the fact that they spend their days making up stories. (I doubt they undersand what a customer is).

Then WOW! An emial telling me that they were going to send my camera to me in the middle of last week. Did I believe it? No.

And rightly so - no camera arrived, so once again I chased it and the latest excuse is that as I put in an earlier complaint to Trust Pilot, so my order is now on hold.

Sorry? Because I have complained about this terrible business they now can't send me the goods that I was told would be sent last week. Haven't you heard that the customer is always right?

So I reckon there are at least four if not five sets of complete lies they have given me so far and wonder what the next episode has in store.

I just want my camera - why don't they realise that I am about to tell a lot more people than Trust Pilot about this - send me the camera and I will go away and the social media campaign need not happen.

Simply Electronics - SEND ME MY CAMERA NOW PLEASE.......

So people - make your own mind up about the glowing reviews of this business on here. Not all they seem I suggest.

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