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Optical Express

6/4 vision for some money I would've paid for glasses in 4-5 years anyway? I'd do that again anytime!

Not being able so see without the aid of glasses is comparable to not being able to walk without a crutch. Seeing the world through a lens limits everything that happens outside the glass frame. I just couldn't do that anymore. Everyone says there is a risk that something can go wrong and you can lose your vision. Judging from that point of view we wouldn't be able to leave the house without carrying the fear of something that could happen to us as risks are everywhere around us. So, I decided to have the laser eye surgery and I think that was one of the best decisions I ever made. I am not disabled anymore. I am not dependant on something to help me living a better life.
Now I can look up and down without moving my head. I can ride my awesome motorbike without worrying my glasses and the obstructed vision. I can change my sun glasses whenever I feel like and more than that I can see while running when I play with my little boy... That is worth all the money.

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