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Lying Criminals

had a bike still under warranty wheel axle broke or so they said,they took it in to fix for £12 axle and £7 LABOUR CHARGE,they never bothered telling me it was ready i had to fone up 6 days later and they hadnt needed an axle just tighten wheel and it was £14 labour charge but when i questioned this they miraculously had a £7 bill also ready but were willing to charge double if i hadnt asked. the bike was worse,back wheel broke,gears dont work and making a horrific noise,when i asked them the next day,they had all covered there backs with absolute rubbish,even told me to complain to papers as i had no leg to stand on with trading standards,customer services also filled me with rubbish after talking to there store,this is newgate street newcastle upon tyne
stay well away from this store,they should all be in jail

Totally Wicked ELiquid

Totally Worthwhile

i have to say,i have been on e-cigs since the first ever litle ones and i was not completely smoke free.Once i tried tw and realised the choice,i was amazed.It was a bit trial and error for me to find what i wanted but worthit. There choice and constant strive to bring us the latest and best products if second to none.
Customer services also are second to none,these guys know there stuff and there customers. They will in my experience bend over backwards to help you with anything from your first time trying to seasoned experts.Trust me they know more than any of us and they will help you with anything.
If your thinking of trying e-cigs,try T.W. there site has everything you could dream of and info,pics as well as videos to show you how it works,nothing is hidden,so you wont loose out on trying the wrong thing,besides there always there to help you and you will soon feel like your part of there community.

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FINALLY,the perfect store

after months of buying from different shops and finding the wrong box or cheap version,i found the first shop that does sell exactly what i want and at half the postage cost as the others,3000rpm is now top of my bookmarks and i genuinely think finally,i found one

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