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Cheap prices but their customer support is simply shocking if a product doesn't work

I bought a Memory Stick from Currys last week. When I got it home the catch was not working on it properly and was near impossible to put it in a computer without holding it very tightly together and secondly the data kept getting corrupted.

I took it back and the Duty Manager refused to accept there was anything wrong and was very rude with me the more I tried to point it out. She refused a refund. I tried to explain the two issues with it and after I cited the law on refunds she finally gave in and offered an exchange but only for an identical memory stick. Customer service should be much better than this. Why does a shop have such a bad reputation when items go wrong? I do not understand their strategy. This is a shame as there are some good sales staff in some shops.

When I asked the duty manager for the complaints department she only gave me her first name and eventually gave me her managers first name. She said that Currys 'does not use surnames' and even called a sales associate over to explain this policy to me. I am very concerned that their complaints department cannot take complaints seriously when they only use first names! How strange!

Currys have cheap prices but should your product have a fault it entirely depends on the mood of the manager if they will offer a refund and on this occasion I even had to fight hard even for the offer of an exchange. I have heard they are like this but have never experienced it myself. Sandisk have now offered to replace the item and to be honest I am going to send it to them rather than ever go in a Currys shop again.

Never shop there in my opinion! Be safer, pay a little bit more if needed and go with a shop that has better and genuinely supportive customer service. I am looking forward to never going through the doors of a Currys shop ever again.

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