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Perfumes are a fake at Katie Prices's boobs

Got took in by the low prices and ordered a perfume. Waited over 3 weeks for delivery and when it finally arrived you could tell straight away it was FAKE!!! I have used this perfume for years so I knew from the box it was fake. The box was thin and tatty and the inside was not black, like the real one and it had a horrible smell. It was not worth sending it back so I threw it in the bin. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM and ignore all the good reviews on here as I am sure they are from people who work for the company.



Avoid BT like the plague!! I was paying monthly and rang up and said I wanted to go on quarterly bills thinking the quarterly bills would be in arrears. I paid my Dec monthly bill and was told my next bill would be in March. What she neglected to tell me was that I would get one in January for 3 months in advance!!! I have been in hospital so I did not contact them till yesterday the 14th. I explained that I was on a budget and could not afford to pay 3 months in advance. She then said she would put me back on the monthly and said I could just pay a month in January and the next payment in Feb. I agreed and told her I would pay the Jan payment today. I got up this morning and found my services disconnected. I rang up again and was told I had to pay the 3 months in advance if I want my services back on. So I had to pay the 3 months even though I could not afford it. I asked if the March bill would be monthly and was told "Yes" I wasn't happy as they have continued to lie so I contacted them again and told them I would be reporting them to the Ombudsman(which will cost BT money) and they just did not care. I was then told that I was still on quarterly bills and would only be allowed to go on monthly if I signed up for DD or I would stay on quarterly. I told told them I had not been told that and that I had been on monthly before and not on DD but they said that I had to go on DD if I wanted to go on monthly.The ended the live chat with "Have a nice day" : ). They are just plain nasty!!! They want your money BEFORE you have had the services and customer services agents are trained to constantly lie to you. DO NOT GO WITH THIS CORRUPT COMPANY.

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Cash 4 Phones

Cash4phones under new name Yemonia Ltd

If you send your phone you will not get any money or your phone back. They are now operating under a new name Yemonia Ltd


Well Done BREDBURY Store

I reserved an item online that was reduced for pick up next day. My Husband picked it up but he got charged full price for it as he never realised it was reduced so when he got home I telephoned the Bredbury store and spoke to a lovely lady who apologised and said if we come back to the store they would refund the difference. My Husband went back next day and they immediately knew who he was and quickly refunded him. I have also today reserved another 2 items for pick up tomorrow but I then realised that I would not be able to pick up till Friday. I rang the store and again they were so helpful and promised they would hold them till Friday. So well done Bredbury for fantastic customer service!!


Powerbee Rude and obnoxious!!!

I put an order in on the 3rd Dec for solar lights which said on the website that they were waiting for delivery on the 6th Dec and would be sent out immediately. On the Monday 9th Dec I checked my account to check they had been sent but it was showing as "Pending" I rang the company to ask when delivery would be and I got the rudest man I have ever spoken too. He claimed that the website did not say the 6th but the 10th which is a lie. I informed him that the website clearly stated the lights would be in and sent out on the 6th, He made out that I was lying but when I said I had an email saying the 6th he then said he had made a mistake and that it was the 6th but the lights had come in late.He continually kept asking me what day it was which was strange. He then said was trying to apologise but I would not let him which is another lie as he made no attempt to apologise. He was clearly in a bad mood and probably had other customers ringing to ask why their order hadn't been sent. If he had said immediately that the order was late coming in and apologised I would not have minded waiting longer.I was asking a reasonable question as I needed an idea when delivery would be so that I can be in when its delivered. That Man needs to get his money back from the charm school as he had no customer skills and talked to me like I was an idiot who was bothering him. Took my money quick enough though! I will not be buying from that company again!!

Update. Well its the 10th and even though the person I had the displeasure of speaking too told me they would sent today, my Order is still showing as "pending" even though the Lights I ordered have been showing as "In stock" since Friday 6th Dec. Seems this company takes your money knowing the items are not in stock. I will be reporting them to OFT

Another update..Lights arrived today..Hooray!! This is after we emailed yesterday afternoon. Lights look okay although not put them up yet but they look well made. Its been a week since I paid so really delivery wasn't bad at all but that wasn't my gripe. My gripe was the way I was spoken too by the company. All I wanted to know was when I could expect delivery, not too much to ask, is it? Whoever answered the phone was obviously having a bad day but you do not take it out on your customers. I work as a Nurse and yes we all get stressed but I would never take it out on a patient. Sorry Powerbee but you lost our custom and its a shame as we wanted to order the shed lights and one or two other things but we shall now go elsewhere.

Update. Lights stopped working after 3 days. I know its been dull but yesterday morning was quite bright but they only worked for about 2 hrs and then went off. Really disappointed.


Poor delivery service!

I ordered a Bottle of Perfume for a Birthday Present online which was over £100. I followed the online tracking and all it said was despatched and nothing else. I rang to ask when delivery would be and what carrier and because I made the order with my Husbands card they would not give me any information. I wasn't asking for his card details, just delivery information but they refused to tell me. I also ordered an item from House of Fraser at the same time and that was delivered 48 hrs later. So I shall be ordering from there from now on. When you are spending so much money with them you expect a better service!!


Absolute Rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AVOID!!!!

Needed to make some extra money so decided to sell a few things that I did not need clothes etc. I got fed up in the end as I was selling things but a lot of the buyers bid and then never pay or even have the decency to contact you. Ebay just tell you to open a non payment dispute after 4 days and the buyers gets a strike but you cannot see the strike nor can you leave a negative and yet buyers are allowed to leave you a negative even though they haven't paid. Ebay do nothing about these people. I know its not ebay fault if they do not pay but ebay should do more about them. Allow sellers to leave negs for those who do not pay to warn other sellers. There is nothing on a buyers feedback to warn sellers. You speak to customer services and they just spout a load of rubbish and its like talking to a Robot. Ebay basically are not interested as long as they get their fees which are high especially when you have to pay to list then pay again when you have sold it and then you have to pay paypal and by the time you have finished you have made about 50p profit (if you are lucky) Its ok for the big business's who are selling hundreds a day but it no good for the small seller. I now go to a car boot sale and have made far more money from it than I ever did on ebay. Bigger items I sell on Gumtree & Preloved. So unless you are a big business and can sell high value items, then I would avoid ebay and look elsewhere to sell your items.

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