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Virgin Meadia are trying to rip us Off

We have been a customer with Virgin Media for the last 13 years, most of that time we have had the full package, currently costing us £116 each and every month.
We recently had to call them out to a problem with the tivo box, when the engineer arrived and had fixed the problem we enquired about a second tivo box as the second box we had was the standard V+.
He then rang his control who advised him that the extra tivo would cost only an extra £5 a month, we agreed to this and made sure there were no extra charges.
It took only minutes for the guy to fit the tivo and he was on his way, all was OK......

I just got the email telling me of the monthly bill and it was suddenly £191, what planet do they think we are on? 50 quid a week for television in this climate?
My wife immediately rang them to ask what the extra was for as we thought that maybe we were suddenly being charged for supplying half the street for their tv.
After a very painful 45 minutes with someone who she could hardly understand we were told that the extra was for the fitting of the new tivo and set up, WOW...... 2 minutes at a cost of about £75, Brain surgeons dont get that.
I now have to ring customer services on monday to try and get a refund sorted, well all I can say is shame on your Virgin Media, can't you just tell that Sir Richard Branson is only paid for the use of his image 'Virgin' as if he was running the company then long time customers would not be treated in this way.
Well done Virgin Media, looking right now like you just lost this customer and this is only the first review site I have found, I will be up all night putting my review of the terrible service afforded to me!!!!
Buyer Beware - Sky looking good right now...

HomeServe UK

Homeserve Scam - Never use them again

We have been insured with Homeserve for several years and today when I needed them for the first time they totally failed to help my home or serve me......
I was taking a shower when my Wife shouted up that there was water pouring into the kitchen, I stopped my shower and the water stopped so it is safe to assume that the plumbing had failed.
My wife rang Homeserve and at the end of a long conversation she was told we were not covered, WTF is that all about... The shower springs a leak and we are not covered, I suppose they are going to say ity is an act of God or something, bloody joke and I will make it my business to tell as many people as I can about this shoddy, rip-off company.

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