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Good price; good pickup and delivery; but rough handling destroyed the package even though it was marked fragile

I used Interparcel to ship an old but working computer and monitor to a friend. These are on the list of restricted items and are therefore not insured. I packed the items carefully in bubble wrap placed them and in heavy duty or double boxes, making sure that all sides of the boxes were padded with packing materials. I wrote FRAGILE many times on every side of each box. I have in my life packed many boxes and not one has ever arrived with broken contents before. The pick up and delivery were swift and on time; in the presence of witnesses, both drivers handled the boxes carefully. The price was super: I paid £28 instead of £82 for UPS standard delivery. I could not have afforded to send these boxes at the UPS price. But someone must have dropped the box containing the monitor from a considerable height or dropped something very heavy on top of it from a height, completely ignoring the FRAGILE labels. Perhaps knowing that these items were not insured, they just didn't care. The monitor arrived smashed in several places; it no longer works. The computer we think made it, but we haven't been able to check this without a monitor. I would therefore not recommend using either UPS or Interparcel unless your items are insured. I am confident that, had they been insured, they would have been treated with more care. Although the items themselves were not worth much money, they meant the world to my disabled friend because they promised to connect him to the world out there. He was so looking forward to being on the net and was devastated and disappointed to find that the broken monitor means he cannot be. Have a heart, UPS. Take care of what you ship even when it is not insured. Be concerned about things besides money. Do a good and careful job. That said, Interparcel did its job getting me a good price and arranging prompt pickup and delivery. But I would never go this route again without insurance. What's the point of paying ANYTHING, even at a good price, if the item is going to be demolished by careless employees?

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