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Ultralase - Precisely what your eyes deserve

Don't do it. The follow up is terrible, I'd say the left hand no longer knows what the right hand is doing since the merged

Very disappointed by the utter lack of after care service.
I had my surgery IOL surgery in Liverpool Dec 2011. Thought 2012 went for all follow up appointments and was told that as my prescription was now small I would be able to have top up laser to sharpen up the blurred distant vision I have.
I had IOL because my cornea are thin and I have RA.
Howerever as I have said after my surgery I was repeatedly told I could have top up laser surgery to sharpen my vision as my RA is stable and the top up would be achievable now my prescription has improved.
After months of being messed around I was booked to attend the Chestet clinic last Saturday. A few hours before my appointment they phoned me to say don't bother coming for the appointment as they would not carry out the top up due to my RA.
Then they phoned me back 20 mins later asked me to to attend my appointment later that afternoon. At the appointment I had an eye exam. My pupils were not dilated and after the quickest eye test ever I was told my sight had improved more and that there was no scar tissue so I would not need any Yag treatment. Although how this can be determined without dilation is questionable. And I still have blurred vision. And need glasses for driving/distant and for reading.
Before I left the CHESTER clinic I was told Someone from customer service would call me this week to tell me what would be happening. Needless to say no one has called.

Since the merger Optimax Ultralase has completely lost all duty of care. I am extremely dissapointed and will be advising anyone who is contemplating laser surgery to not bother. I will also be taking this mater further.

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