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Reliable in service and products

OK, let me start the ball rolling for Silvermans: I hope they rack up a few more reviews like mine. I visited the shop a couple of years ago, bought the most brilliant pair of trousers to go on a low-luggage trip round central Europe. BDU USA Combat trousers. For 2 years they have been the first thing that gets worn out of the wash.

Ordered 2 more pairs and other stuff online. Good prices, sensible delivery, arrive safely in 48hrs, just right. OK what more do you expect? Nothing...

No qualms about recommending - hope other folks get the same solid, reliable service. Thank you Sivermans, I'll be back (if these ever wear out, which I very much doubt!)


Wineworks: a valuable find

A grape press I've been looking to buy for a while now; Wineworks published a very good price as a special offer. Delivery exceptional - a text in the morning to ask if I want it tomorrow or offering alternatives over the next 3 days I think. Turns out that next day was suddenly not convenient and so changed. On the morning of delivery they even tell you the delivery time within a 1-hour interval.

Goods arrived perfectly and I'm itching to get some fruit & berries out of the freezer to give it a go. Very happy with the wineworks folks, thanks a lot, I'll be back.

Goodlife Homebrew

Very good... Better even still (Sep/12)

Item listed out of stock as part of a ~£50 order of bits. Very helpful, got it and delivered whole lot within 3 days. I suspect they went 'the extra mile' for me, just because they are like that. 2 purchases in a year scarcely makes me appear on their most wanted customer list. So they get recommended and I hope they get more business,

A call to the shop confirmed items in stock and a firm delivery date of Thursday for an order placed on Tuesday about 4pm. Articles arrived well packaged and safe before 9am on the day promised.

I will use again.

Mail Order Trees

Reliable, helpful, good value

My 3rd purchase - Well executed, well packed, safely delivered within time. The trees bought this time last year are established and healthy.

These people have my confidence and I'm glad to pass on the recommendation.


Terrific service

I bought some books from unwins on eBay. All very fine, then I noticed that a title I was after had timed-out a few hours before. I wrote and asked if they would let me buy it at the original first bid price - and they did. All perfectly despatched and in perfect order when they arrived.

Great people to buy from


Good rate, good service

I see there isn't a review for Changegroup. I'm surprised, it's a seriously better way to get foreign currency than at the bank/PO or airport. I was very pleased with the rate, communication and service. You have to plan a few days in advance so there is time to get the delivery - but I'll be doing it again.

Virgin Atlantic

A note about purchase transaction

The purchasing system is fine and polished - all went well. But then my dates had to shift forwards by a couple of weeks. I knew that was a big loss, because it says everywhere, and everyone knows, that advance tickets at cheap rates are not capable of being altered...

Call them. It seems that if they can help, they will. What a pleasant surprise, what nice people to do business with!

The Home Brew Shop

Better than expectations (again)

Order on 26 Dec (bank holiday)
27 Dec (bank holiday)
29 Dec email saying delivery today between 1 & 2 pm
29 Dec delivered (20 mins late).

Golly, I've had some issues with deliveries this Christmas - but not with these people. Knowing when the delivery is due is really helpful (this was emailed from their courier DPD).

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18 August 2011

Reply from The Home-brew-shop

yes its the way we do things, we only process orders and take funds when we are about to pack them.
we try not before, but sometimes we come unstuck with out of stocks, but not often
Adrian The Home Brew Shop


This is the way to win business

This is a great little specialist. I wanted to try some new yeast, which you know is a tiny purchase in money terms. I got advice, notification of prompt despatch, and exactly what I wanted. It's a great way to build a reputation.


Well done - They win my business

In the middle of a very poor experience with another homebrew retailer (review posted on this site) I placed an order of £400+ to beat the VAT rise (yes in the ice & snow) with thethriftyshopper.

What a totally delightful experience - right up there with the best of them. I had a call from the chap in despatch to say it was a heavy load in 4 boxes and would be delivered the following day from the call (3 working days from placing order, which I thought was very reasonable at that time). So, they win - which is as it should be, good customer service has a value.

The Online Homebrew Company

Worst online retailer in my years of buying experience

I wish I'd found this site earlier, it would have saved a lot of aggro.

2x£50+ products ordered, both shown as 'in stock'. My account updated with 'out of stock' and 'awaiting delivery from main warehouse' revised date of delivery +1 week. Then for 6 weeks this was updated by adding another week. They have removed the facility to call their customer services to find out what the real story is. There is not an email for customer services. They have a contact form - 2 enquiries sent saying I'm worried - no reply. The form does indicate an error each time you use it (as stated in someone else's review). The terms dictate you have to write a letter for a refund and then wait 10 days for it to be repaid. Repayment was made in full on the 10th day.

During this waiting period I placed a £400 order on another homebrew retailer for similar items, that was delivered in 3 days, I even got a call from their despatch to say it was on its way in 'n' boxes.

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