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Always On Point.

I've ordered multiple times from sneakerhead.com to get my fix on Nike Dunks. They've done an amazing job with sending me the product I ordered, on time, and for a reasonable price. I'd search around to see pricings on the Nike Dunks and limited edition Nike Dunks I had ordered and couldn't get better pricings than I did on this website.

I'd definately refer any 'Sneaker head's' and 'Nike fiend's' to this website.



Urban Outfitters is the place I get most of my clothes, jewelry, handbags, and home decor. They have a variaty of different styles of clothes and other things. They always have great customer service and shipping rates. They've handled any problems I've had with any cancellation issues and refunds.

I definately would refer anyone who loves fashion at great prices to check out Urban outfitters.



I've been shopping with gojane.com for years to get my shoes. These shoes actually are of good quality for the price they charge for them. I've seen some of their shoes on other websites such as amiclubwear.com and other websites, but those websites charge more and have horrible customer service.

Gojane.com has sent my packages on TIME and never sent me a notification of an Out of Stock package. They let you know right away before even the purchase of something is unavailible.

They update daily with new clothes, shoes, and accessories, so I really do support them in their sales.

A great website with great product.



I ordered three pairs of shoes for Christmas around 12/6/2010 and they said the shipping time would be in 3-5 days. In 6 days I recieved only ONE pair of the shoes and a reciept stating that the other two pairs of shoes were not shipped yet. I decieded I'd wait it out to see if the other two pairs of shoes showed up but weeks went by and I still had not recieved them. On Christmas Eve I got an email stating that AMI club wear had given me back $28.95 on the ONE pair of shoes I had ordered that had not been shipped, but that the other ones were on their way.
When the pair of shoes arrived I opened them to find they seemed to be a size too big, and they stated they were 8.5's and fit like 9.5s and had scratches up and down the sides of the shoes. These shoes were considered sale items and AMI refused to refund me for the pair of shoes.

It isn't worth it. A good site I always order shoes from with the same exact prices and actually reliable customer service is gojane.com They always alert you right away if something is out of stock and things actually get to you on time all at once with NO scratches.

Gojane.com also has some of the same pairs of shoes AMI does carry but for cheaper.

Gojane.com is a way better website to get cheaper good quality shoes from.
OH and they actually fit to size. :-/

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