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Sales staff gave incorrect information simply to make a sale

Several years ago, we purchased a dishwasher from Curry's. we paid for delivery and installation, however when it arrived the delivery driver said that he was not allowed to disconnect the old dishwasher, nor install the new dishwasher because it needed to be connected to an extension drain pipe. Eventually, I installed the dishwasher myself!

More recently, we needed to buy a new washing machine. Upon entering the store, we were very quickly approached by a sales assistant. We had researched a model on line, but still had a few questions that we put to the sales assistant. She told us that she could not answer the questions, but went on line to try and find the answers. We decided to go ahead and make a purchase and pay for delivery, we also paid extra for a timed delivery slot. Recalling the problem that we had with the disconnection and installation of the dishwasher, we told her how the new machine needed to be installed. She told us with all certainty that there would be no problem installing the new washing machine to an extension drain. She went on to explain that if we had an existing machine (which we did) then the delivery driver would simply disconnect the old machine and install the new machine.

The new machine arrived on time and between the agreed times. The delivery driver and his assistant were polite and curtious. The driver took one look at the existing installation and quickly said that he could not disconnect the old machine and he could not connect the new machine. He went on to say that if he did, he could be sacked by his boss!

We were now left with the new machine and the old one, and not being able to use either. I eventually got through to the branch manager, who seemed to be completely confused by the whole situation, though to be fare, did eventually call me back with an explanation of why the driver could not install the new machine. I told the manager that I wanted a refund on the delivery charge, the timed delivery slot and as we had been kept waiting, and could have ordered the same appliance on line, I wanted a price match. I was given a refund for the timed delivery slot but was not given any refund or compensation for the delivery charge or the price difference!

In our experience, make sure that you do your own research, and don't necessarily beleive what the sales staff tell you. As the delivery driver said " they will tell you anything to get their commission".

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