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Optical Express

Optical Express changed my life.

It might sound a bit over dramatic, but it's true. I wore glasses from the age of 12 and contact lenses from the age of 14. Following a corneal ulcer I had to change to GP lenses at around 18. My prescription was high, -7 in both eyes.
At the age of 48 I thought I was too old to benefit from laser eye surgery as I would soon need reading glasses anyway. However last summer my daughter spent several days in the eye hospital and nearly missed out on a family holiday in New York because of a corneal ulcer and extremely nasty infextion caused by her contact lenses.
We both decided to ditch the lenses and go for surgery. Of course mum had to go first and be the guinea pig! My daughter needed more time to recover before it was safe for her to have surgery. Optical Express were very careful to make sure that her eye was fully healed before they were willing to proceed.
The care that we both received was exceptional, both before, on the day of and after surgery.
Our eyes were painful for about four hours after the procedure, but my daughter said that it was no worse than when she had the infection.
I play tennis and my daughter rides horses and we have both found a huge difference when participating in our chosen hobbies. No more gritty eyes; no more messing with pots and solutions; no more messing about in the morning and at bed time; and for the first time I can wear eye make up without worring about rubbing my eyes and spreading mascara all over my face!
I would recommend Laser eye surgery with Optical Express to anyone who is thinking about it. It is well worth the money and I wish I'd had it years ago.

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