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overall just bad

bad console, bad games for me anyway and they dont seem to care about hardcore gamers. even though they said they try they just keep bringing out mario and that.

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Ubisoft good games, good service

i am a console gamer but none of my friends have had issues on pc which some others reviewing this company have.

they make top quality games like splinter cell, assassins creed and the upcoming watch dogs game. they also make the far cry series and inperticular i loved far cry 3 but the multiplayer in far cry and assassins creed is awful and i would want them to focus more on the single player and put more money into it if all we are getting is a awful multiplayer.

however never had a single problem from ubisoft and im very happy with them as a customer.


pretty good

Amazon are very reliable but in the past i have had packages broken and not bothered returning them as i dont want to wait another week to play it. i dont think amazon damaged the parcel but their postal service whoever it was a while ago especially after watching the dispatches channel 4 show where they showed how some postal depot's couldnt care less about the parcels.

amazon has a very clear website with lots of products which consist of literally anything you can buy. their website's navigation i find easier than any other website i have ever used and the search function is very accurate. competitive pricing and good packaging on their products with one exception.

i also lost a parcel with amazon which i had to get replaced.


Game high prices and stupid employees

employees were unaware of an offer they had which i asked for and they mislead me on it and then i recieved compensation though.

they are good when it comes to pre-ordering video games but they're prices are very high for new releases and the offers they do have can be matched by other retailers and sent to you quicker.

also alot of their items are out of stock which can be frustrating if you were looking to buy a new game and their management is messed up. ( i wont explain why as its a long story it just is with employees and conflicting views on what they should do )


Very good so far but i can't recomend them hardcore gamers

i have only ordered 1 game and it came the next day. they offer competitive pricing on some items.

the reason i would'nt reccomend to hardcore gamers is that alot of their games are out of stock which is highly inconveniant so i would recommend a website such as shopto.net if the item is out of stock on simplygames.com


Worst company motives i have seen

EA care about money and that is all they have launch titles which are unplayable, dlc is overpriced and they dont give you enough content. they introduced online passes to stop you from buying used games unless your willing to pay £8 for the online section. customer service in the past has been awful and i feel as though they tell every customer the same thing of 'we are looking into it'

Square Enix

Good games but certain aspects i hate

on tomb raider you have awful multiplaer that is just pure rubbish. sleeping dogs they try and milk you in everyway possible with awful dlc and hitman a game which has many faults and severly punishes you if you accidently get caught by more than 1 person in a public place.


Shopto, Shopto, Shopto

i have had problems with Shopto in the past when i bought 3 of the same item so i would recommend for nobody to do that as they put you as a trader so you can't earn reward points but Shopto before i ordered a game and it got lost in the post but Shopto refunded me fully.

Shopto i have ordered over 40 items in total and they have all arrived a day later ( with the exception of the lost parcel which Shopto has no control over ) and when you pre-order games they usually come a day early. competitive pricing is achieved at Shopto which is amazing considering they provide you with free first class royal mail postage.

Shopto also offer you reward points for buying items and make sure that you feel valued as a customer. they have an online web chat service if you have any problems and offer gaming news Monday-Friday which i read a lot.

Overall i would recommend Shopto to anyone who wants video games at a very competitive price with top class service.


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