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Great value but too many bulk buyers

1) A "search by size" filter - this should be really easy to implement on a website and would save a lot of hassle and disappointment for us
2) Customers should be able to purchase one of each different item with no limit, fine, but there should be a limit of 2/3 on buying the same item (so people cannot buy out all of one particular dress at once)
3) Items in a basket should not be available for pinching. It is not acceptable to go and pinch stuff out of peoples baskets in supermarkets so why online? The items should be saved in your basket until you are able to click on "pay" (but max 1 hour browsing time, more than enough if you know what you wanted and have come on there to get that particular item)
4) I'm not plus-sized myself but there seem to be a lot of people who want those sorts of sizes, so try and bring those please?
5) Why are the Arrival Times when most people are at work??
6) Other than that, great site, great products

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