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very good service

Made my 1st order received it the next day, Items are very good quality and cheap. I will order again sometime.

Unfair to customers

I order the Xbox One on the 10th of July the same day the item was available on the website to order. Not only did I receive my Xbox 3 week late but Studio did not send me the day 1 edition so I lost Forza 5 for free. I have a friend who ordered on the 6th of September who received the day 1 edition so why did I not get mine. Also I ordered a laptop few months ago, it took Studio 3 months to deliver said in stock on the website.

After I called Studio they refused to do anything about it and the call cost me £8. They did not let me talk to a manager.

0871 Number and £5 for delivery on anything

They cant even pack items right. They just throw it in a box with no bubble wrap

Thank You for the let down last time I make a pre order. If your looking for credit stay away from Studio

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16 December 2013

Reply from 24studio

Hi There

I'm sorry to hear of the problems you've had with your Xbox One pre-order, i have been assured that all customers who pre-ordered the Xbox one will have now received it. I can only apologise for any delay with your order.

Having just spoken to our Consoles buyer they have assured us that we were not offering or advertising the day 1 edition of the Xbox One Console, and did not have the free Forza 5 on offer. If your friend ordered their Xbox One and got a free game he has been lucky and received something we were not offering, so it will be a bonus for him.

If there is anything that we can look into for you please either PM us on Facebook or DM us on twitter with your account details and we can raise your query with our customer services team.

Kind Regards
Laura @ Studio


Not to bad

Prices are over the top, GTAV was £45. I recived RE6 2 days late but thats it and I pre order close to 10 games a year .


Very Good 2 pre order

I pre order games all the time and get them on release day, not 1 game late ever + they have voucher code on sometimes so I save money.


Lost Game

Tesco lost my Game made me wait 4 week after release for a refund, then they shut down my account, then I got an email telling me they had the game back. I now use Sainsburys, I get games all the time and on release day

Nice 'n' Naughty

Fast and private

will order again

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