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Unacceptable & Very Frustrating Customer Service Experience!

Until recently, I was on the Three Pay Monthly One Plan for over 2 years. In the first few months the internet speeds were great, being able to tether to various devices with very good speeds.

After that, It all went downhill. The speeds dropped to an unacceptable performance level, and then of course found that I could no longer tether. I did some research on the net and heard reports that Three had placed caps on the internet usage despite their claim of "Eat All You Can Data".

I contacted Three. They reported that a Mast in my area (Bristol UK) was in the process of having some "maintenance work" done, and this would take 1-2 months to resolve.
Frustratingly,this minor piece of information took several calls and at least a couple of hours to obtain.

As reported by others, I was held in queues for long periods of time, and then asked to repeat the security questions each time I was transferred to other departments on numerous occasions.

Other memorable moments included: being called by my wife's name, having to speak with rude / aggressive advisor's, and at one stage being repeatedly called on my wife's number despite numerous requests to contact me on my number.

Despite the poor network performance and slow speeds, I decided to stay with the Three One Plan while the mast was in the process of maintenance work, hoping the speeds would eventually improve.
However, I looked around and noticed that other network providers were now offering similar packages that included substantial minutes to other networks. I then decided to cancel my Three pay monthly contract with one months notice.

Despite very clearly informing Three customer service advisor's that I wished to cancel my contract and was not interested in any other deals or reconsidering, it fell on deaf ears. They almost insisted on an explanation around why I wanted to cancel. During this call I also requested my PAC Code.

I was kept on hold for several minutes at a time with a completely dead tone throughout and was beginning to wonder if they'd hung up?! since the line was completely dead.
I was then transferred to another department which the first advisor stated dealt with providing the PAC code. Once again a barrage of security questions before agreeing to deal with my query.

During the periods of being kept on hold (sometimes with very little notice and despite objections) the only thing that provided a glimmer of reassurance the advisor would return, was my mobile phones "minute counter", which showed that I was still connected to the call.

Eventually the advisor returned and extremely reluctantly provided the PAC code, but not before another long winded explanation around what would happen if I didn't use my PAC code within the time limit and so forth. I tried to reason and explain that the previous advisor had already gone over this stuff but to no avail. At this stage all I wanted was the PAC code and I knew this would be the last time I would ever need to communicate with Three. I'd rather communicate using smoke signals even if they were the only network provider on the planet!

My advice to Three customers thinking of leaving:

As soon as you've informed Three of your intentions to end your contract and have provided this notice. Immediately cancel your Direct Debit with your Bank. If you need to make a final payment don't worry. You can always call them and make the final payment over the phone using the automated system.At least you'll avoid any potential charges to your account being made after you have cancelled and made final payment.

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