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worst customer service ever

my son looked up the best price for his IPhone 4s and this company came top. sent the phone off, and when we called them to find out what was going on, we were told it can to up to 15 days before the get a chance to looke at the phone, a few days later my son called again and was told the phone is know worth £110 not the £230 stated due to water damage, which i find hard to beleive as the phone is only 2 months old. spoke with a lady called Raj who told me that we had to go onto the system and cancell the order, which we did, that was last Tuesday, today we call them again only to be told that payment has been sent to my account for £110, after a long chat Raj told me that she would give me their account details so that i could put the money backm into their account. when i aske her the account number they had sent the money to see then told me it was a cheque has been sent out.
asked if i could speak to a manager and she would not put me through, asked if any body regulates them and Raj refused to answer.

the up shot is that my son has had phone for nearly 3 weeks and to top it all off they want £10 of me so they can sebd the phone back. PLEASE do NOT use this company they are the shocking...

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08 May 2013

Reply from Bozowi

Darren, thanks for your comments. We'd like to respond to the important points you've made.

The liquid indicator on your iPhone had indeed turned red, which indicates that it's either come into direct contact with water, or was in a place with a high very high level of moisture in the air (a steamy bathroom or kitchen, perhaps). Once the indicator is triggered, this greatly reduces the value of your phone. Frustratingly, devices may still function fine in the immediate aftermath of such contact, with faults only becoming apparent later. With the indicator triggered, I did some checking and am pleased to see we were still able to offer £30 more than our nearest competitor for a device whose liquid damage indicator is showing. Many recyclers classify any level of water damage as putting the phone in "beyond economic repair" status, but we still try and offer the best price we can on such handsets.

We regret that you were given the impression that the order would be cancelled - we don't cancel orders, but rather offer customers the chance to accept or reject offers made.

I hope this clarifies the issues you've raised, and thank you for your feedback.

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