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Upgraded me to a 48month contract after asking to cancel an account

I requested my account cancellation in June 2013, but for some reason they choose to upgrade my account instead with out my authorisation. I tried to contact (with great difficulty I might add!) to resolve this but they would not get me conformation if this had been done. They told me (eventually) it was with customer complaints and they would contact me… surprise surprise they didn't I had to ring them back and yet again explain what had happen after nearly 1 hour of arguing he found the notes on my account about the request to cancel (the second time) and didn't understand why the other staff member didn't do it… so after all that he had the cheek to try and start selling me other services while I still had resolved the issue in hand! Arrrrrrgghhhhh!
It's possible the, sorry it IS the most awful customer experience I have ever ever had. More to the point as a customer I was left in wonder as to what was going on while they carried on taking my money!

I find this extremely worrying that a company can not allow me to cancel an account in a straight forward process, then proceed to upgrade me without any confirmation or written consent!

At the end of it and after 3months my account has been cancelled, all be it I have yet to see a letter (which I kept requesting) confirming this. Plus all the call centres are abroad which makes it even more of a pain to try and get sense out of some one especially when they pass you from one person to the next!

Bad Bad Bad avoid them like the plague!

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Great service and products

I saw the product (Craghoppers NosiLife Sherman Gilet) I wanted at craghoppers but then did a google search and found it at allweathers cheaper! Plus they managed to deliver it quick than Craghoppers normally do (Last time I used Craghoppers my order was lost in transit!)

Great website, product and good speedy service 5 Stars!


Excellent service

Ordered it in between Christmas and New Year and got it before New Year. Even with the snow disruption got it on time. Great service!

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