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Do not buy any plan from them!

I bought a normal monthly plan with TalkTalk. Everything was going well until I needed to move to another flat (5 minutes walking from the first, but bigger). I warn them more than one month before moving. It was worthless.

I moved more than ONE MONTH AGO and I still don't have an Internet connection nor a phone line! I lost customers due to that problem. And currently I am using an "emergency" mobile Internet plan with Three (very expensive and quite slow).

In the meantime, TalkTalk ENDED my contract, without any reason and any warning, and then they reactivated it a couple of weeks ago after a hundred calls. Yesterday, finally, they offered me a compensation for all the problems that they caused me: 5£ (yes: FIVE POUNDS, when I spent more than 40 pounds in mobile calls to their horrible call center; bought a dongle; and I am still waiting for a connection). Yes: I still do not have any kind of connection!

Trust me: DO NOT CHOSE TALK TALK!! Other companies seem perhaps more expensive, but if you experience any kind of problem they will be definitely cheaper, more professional and more reliable!!

If you need more information on my case don't be afraid to ask, because it's simply a shame and I'd want to share this experience with other customers.

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