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Unbelievably quick delivery of a perfect product


I ordered my DSLR on a Monday afternoon, slightly irritated that I wouldn't have it by the time I went away on Wednesday afternoon (I had the delivery address as my work so I wouldn't miss the courier when away) - but it was totally worth it for the fact that I'd saved so much money over purchasing from a UK retailer. In fact, it was cheaper to buy brand new from Digital Rev than it was to buy used on Ebay / DP forums. Well, much to my surprise and joy the camera turned up on the Wednesday morning and I was able to collect from work and take it away with me! It was impressive watching the DHL tracking status update from Hong Kong to Germany, from Germany to London and from London to the North West in less than a day (it was dispatched on the Tuesday).

I really couldn't be happier. It's come with the Digital Rev warranty, which I'd heard people were wary of due to shipping times etc... my mind is now at rest on that front. The product was extremely well packaged and is exactly what you'd get if purchasing from your local Curry's - all usual accessories, English paperwork etc.

Stop thinking about buying from them and just do it, it's a great way to keep the costs reasonable on an otherwise piss-taking hobby (when it comes to UK pricing, the hobby itself is obviously great).

Hope this helps someone, mainly because - and I don't want this to come out racist in any way - I'm obviously British. I read some reviews that were either penned by someone whose first language isn't English or by someone whose is but they clearly have no regard for spelling and Grammar. It's easy to dismiss those reviews as so many nefarious websites will review themselves to give false scores. I'm confident that's not going on here, my experience followed the same path as all the other positive reviews I'd heard about them and I'm beginning to think that the negative reviews are from people who're bitter about us not paying VAT with DR... seriously, what's with everyone blowing a gasket that I'm buying it cheaper than they are?? They can buy it here too! I don't buy into this "morally grey" rubbish they preach, it's not illegal to import these from abroad and the items are going through customs fair and square. Do these same people go on holiday and not purchase anything? No memory cards from Spain? No iPod from Florida Mall? etc. Get over it.

Enjoy your purchases, I am. Managed to get some great shots of my brother-in-laws gig that I didn't think I'd have the camera in time for, so we're all happy.

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