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Priceline prices no better than the hotel and customer service is nonexistent.

If you want to stay a particular hotel, you are better to go directly to the hotel website. Priceline constantly makes mistakes and then leaves you no easy way to correct mistakes. Their customer service in non-existent. It is not worth the hassle. There is no advantage to going thru Priceline.


Living Social is a harbor for bad companies to get to your wallet.

Ther are SCAMS everywhere! I know this. What bothers me is that Living Social does nothing to help protect its customers from companies that are running SCAMS. They always hide behind their policies which apprently do not protect you as member. They only serve to protect the SCAM merchant.

Don't trust Living Social. I have never had a problem with Groupon. Living Social on the other hand, has no standards to which they hold their merchants to and they refuse to help you resolve issues with merchants.

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