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I would not advise ANYONE to use this company - their Customer Service is not a service it's totally unacceptable.

My daughter purchased some vouchers which she was unable to use following an accident. She explained this to Groupon who refunded her money in the form of credit vouchers. Because she then suffered severe complcations to her health she didn't realise that the credit had an expiry date.

Having now almost fully recovered she thought she would treat herself to a day out using the credit she had (over £100.00 incidentally) hoever, when she came to use it and logged ito her account she discovered that ot had "expired". Thinking that there had been a mistake she emailed the Customer Service department asking them to reinstate the missing money. Only to be met by a refusal. Further emails have been summarily dismissed, even though she explained the circumstances.

Groupon are an unfeeling, uncaring bunch who do not put their customers first and use their terms and conditions as a way to steal unsuspecting customer's money. AVOID. AVOID. AVOID.

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21 May 2013

Reply from Groupon UK

Hi Paul, thank you for your feedback and we would first like to apologise for the experience your daughter has had, this is not the standard we expect and we will be investigating why this has happened. We would like to help resolve this with her and see if we can help. Please ask her to email with all the details and any ticket numbers she has. Once we have these details we will be able to find her a resolution. Thank you, Groupon UK.

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