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Solid service

What can you say, they offer a clear cut service, you put in the correct details, and you get the quote, just give them the address's and pay, depending on the service you choose print out your labels, and wait for the knock at the door (if using a collect service), job done, and no surprises, perfect.

The only time you may have a problem is if you live in an area where specific couriers are not very good, as they are franchised, to be safe check out for bad couriers in the arrears involved, and make sure you choose a service that doesn't use that problem courier, but Interparcel has no control over such things, but I live in an area where I have great service from all the couriers, but not everyone is so lucky, but with this tip you can avoid such problems, but Interparcel's service is great, never had a problem when I have used them.


1st Time Buyer

I was only able to go on reviews such as this, being the first order with them I can't say much, but great communication and fast delivery, you couldn't ask for more in such cases.

Mixed Review

This is a difficult one to write as it's the first time we used this service, but overall the staff were very friendly and quick to respond, unfortunately there was number of issues, we have not seen the flowers, as they were delivered to the funeral directors when we couldn't attend, but the picture on the web site was brilliant, and caught our eye instantly, we had never seen such a powerful vibrant look, and the price was good, we can only hope to get there in time to see them in person before its to late.

Now the issues, to start with there was a lot of confusion over the "card" they showed at the start of the order process, which turns out to be a full on card that you would give a person, this really needs to be clarified, we thought it was the card that went with the flowers (the traditional one people read on the flowers in a plastic envelope), but they were quick to respond so we could remove the "card" we thought was for that and start again, but it was the only mention of any sort of card we saw through the entire order process.

Next was the message that goes on the flowers card we thought it was originally, we were told it could be added at the end of the order process, we saw no such option, we did see an option to edit the "card" we originally mistook for this, but that was all, if it was there it needs to be made clearer, so we contacted them asking for this message to be added, as we were not able during the order process, they were quick to reply and happy to forward our message to be added.

But when the flowers got to the funeral directors it had no message, even though it was supposed to of been added, but the funeral directors asked for us to be told there was no message, and for us to ring them to get it added by them, and to their credit they did this, and we were able to have the funeral director add the message that should have been there, so it all got sorted in the end, but it was more troublesome than it could\should have been, a simple rectification on the web site ordering procedure would make these kinds of issues disappear, and make the entire process easier than we found and experienced.

So long story short, very friendly and fast responses, but the web site order process needs a revamp to make such things much clearer, we would probably use again, but would cancel if we ended up in the same situation again.

Great Service

What can you say, service at it's best and great prices.

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