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Absolutely awful, do not sign up at any cost

This company has been most unhelpful over the past couple of months. All I wanted was to sign up to fibre broadband. I had originally phoned back in March in order to cancel my entire package and switch to a much better provider in terms of customer services. The lady who I spoke to on i think the 17th March offered 1 years free line rental if i switched from BT along with the fibre broadband. So I waited for the switch to occur and when it eventually happened, all I got was the line rental with no fibre in sight. I phoned up and was passed from one customer service to another and back again to technical support costing me over £50 in phone bills. I was then told that fibre was unavailable in my area but with no explanation as to why I was misinformed originally. No one was able to help, everyone just seemed to pass the buck and the service and behaviour of the staff was completely unacceptable. I phoned up the next day as the "Complaints" Department was closed the previous evening. I spoke to a Scottish gentleman there who had helped me sort out the problem, he also informed that fibre was available and that the engineer would visit on the 7th May between 8-13 and everything would be sorted. We went over the order several times just to make sure and I thought that would be the end of it. On the 7/5, no engineer turned up despite waiting all day which we had deliberately set aside for. I phoned up and was told there was nothing they could do and that I would need to wait 48 hours to replace the order. On the 9/5/13, I phoned up again hoping to rearrange the engineer appointment, now they are saying I would need to wait till the 18th May before anything could be done as the order was stuck (this was at the technical support dept) and no engineer visit had even been arranged. I asked immediately to be put through to the complaints department, the response was to be put on hold and then transferred to customer services. The man I spoke to there was a little bit more helpful and was one of very few to apologise and we are now at a stage of waiting another 48 hours before resetting the order. As you can imagine this process has been frustrating, tiring and a complete waste of time. I've spent another 30 minutes, half of which was on hold speaking to various people and the same thing has happened ... a new order has had to be put in.

I use trustpilot a lot and tend to agree with the majority of the reviews on this site so it doesnt surprise me that this company is so awful in ratings. I am only switching to fibre with talktalk as I had been with them for years and was offered a decent deal of 1 years free line rental saving over £100 but I would rather pay double what they are offering me with BT and get better customer service. I wouldn't wish talktalk and the experience of dodgy customer services on anyone and I would advise you all to stay away from this company because you will be spending a lot of money on the phone speaking to people who cannot help you and end up with no service at all.

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