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first they send 2 drivers and cars for the service when I ordered 1 car which was MPV

Worst people in the car business. They just want to eat money and when I tried to convience them that it was not my fault, why you did so they said, we had to do that.

The issue was that I ordered an MPV for transporting my stuff from one home to another, and they booked saying I will get an MPV but when I saw, I received 2 cars with 2 drivers and then when it came to paying, I paid and drivers said company will refund me but in real when I called the company, they said that they cannot refund me because they had to pay both the drivers because I used both cars. It was the company who sent 2 cars when I asked for 1 big car. So where does my mistake come in. I hate to say but they company is degrading in its rules and manners. I will never use their service again in future.


Ordered several times and still same good service

I have been a regular customer of Dyson and I have purchased products like DC-35 Animal, DC-39 & Air multiplier from their website. They do amazing service in terms of packaging and fast delivery using 48 hours delivery system. Staff at customer service replies to the email or calls in friendly manner and they sort out things asap. Overall I am satisfied with the company, its products and services. Only thing which I find hard to believe is their prices, but once you pay, its just like investment for long term as their products rarely get damaged or stop working.


Great site with loads of products and offers

I always ordered Asian and daily grocery food from Sainsburys. The best thing I found was that the items like cakes and muffins, they supplied were having expiry date of 4-5 days after purchase. And everytime I ordered, I got all the items and there were rarely any substitutes. The only minus point is the delivery charge. Even if you order grocery of more than £70-80, you need to pay delivery charges whereas the competitors make it free after £50-60 of orders. Otherwise the site is good and customer services is amazing. refunds or coupons are provided as per your need. Will continue ordering from Sainsburys.

Online -shop

Purchasing from Direct is a nightmare..

I purchased a game CD under preorder offer. And when I received the game it worked for 2 days and then it stopped working. In the receipt it was written that I can go to any click and collect store to exchange it. I went to nearby store and that guy killed me by saying thousands of times that we cannot take this CD. He offered me a new cd to send it to company for refund. He also spoke to customer service and I heard that lady on phone said that you will take the cd to give them refund. I heard and 4-5 people standing there heard, but that idiot store manager said that no we cannot take this, you didn't hear what that lady said. He gave me the cd and that same moment I understood, TESCO is the worst company to order items. The result was that I posted the new cd back to company to get refund. and those people were good enough to refund me within 3 days of receiving the item.

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I hate shopping from tesco website

I ordered grocery from Tesco website for first time and the time i gave for delivery was 1-2pm but I received my order between 5-6 pm because driver was running late. I asked the driver if he was walking from warehouse to my home, he was totally red and would have punched me. I ordered 12kg bag of Tilda rice and I am damn sure that it is not the original tilda rice as none of the stores in world does 12 kg bags of Tilda. That day, I finalised that I will never order from Tesco grocery again in my life. Because of so late delivery and fake items.


Best grocery store

I have been shopping in store in waitrose since 3 years. But whenever I go to store, I am looted by the prices and zero offers. I then thought of using their online shopping system and the option of free delivery for orders over £50.00 saved my life and guess what, I saved so much of money because of offers that once a month, I order grocery from here and save more than £15 each time. I love that mostly all products are delivered and there are rarely any substitutions. Their refund speed is also good. Overall, great experience.


Best cashback site with so many features.

I have been using quidco, since the time it was launched. I have saved money and thanks to quidco for bringing so many websites on board. The site gives you discount vouchers, offers on everything. You name the website and 80% chances that you will find it on quidco. Grocery cashback is also present and cashback tracking is also good. I love quidco more than anything else. :D

John Lewis

Great site with loads of products

I shop online and always browse websites for deals and offers. John Lewis is one of the best sites with clean and neat shopping experience. I purchase loads of products with price match options and the delivery, packaging is great. No bad experience in past.


Great offers and variety of products

They have now got click and collect option which is great for customers who are living in London or coming to London. Products are costly as there is no discount or offers. Though you blindly trust because its "SELFRIDGES". Store staff and services are also great. The most important time, I find for shopping is Boxing day and loads of discounts and offers, make me go crazy. :D
I fully enjoy shopping in Selfridges and will continue to do in future.


First time ordering online

It was first time that I ordered online from French Connection. It was end of season sale going on and I ordered for store collection as their postage cost was more than £4.00 and I cannot afford to spend so much for 3-5 working days delivery. When I ordered online, I was happy to see the collection and the website. Everything went smoothly and when we reached the store, we were given our order and they asked if we wanted to try and if it doesn't fit or we don't like, they will refund. Still we didn't try as we are daily customers of FCUK and we know their size policy. So, things went smoothly and perfectly. No issues


Better to shop in store than online

After seeing alot of options and variety of sizes in store, I chose to come back home and do online shopping in relaxed mode from their website. I thought things available in store might be available on their website too. But my hope went in vain, and many store items were missing from online directory. Though, if you use their click and collect services, I would prefer that as I live in London and I got all the items quickly after ordering.


No bad experience till date

Ordered loads of stuff to home via Debenhams website and everything seems to be fine. Packaging is also good for fragile items and normal items as well. Will continue to use their services in future. Most importantly, they have great discounts and competitive prices from other high street department stores...


3 stars because of money they eat

I shop on various websites and they offer paypal payments. That is flexible option when you do not remember your credit / debit card numbers. But when you sell any item on its partner websites, you need to pay huge amount of fees to these guys and money is sometimes stuck. Their customer service is fine but there also you need to pay money to talk to them as their number starts from 0800. Money, money, money... Paypal is your pal when you pay them...


Not so good, but still good.

Everytime I order with ebay, there is satisfaction of 90% with the purchase but somewhere somethings are lacking. Sellers are good, buyers are also fine. You just need to understand that some or the other way you will be loosing money either by selling the item or by buying it. It doesn't have competitive prices but you should search other companies and websites before buying from ebay. You will have better experience from several online stores.


Best online shopping experience every time

I have been ordering from Amazon since ages and there is no issue with its orders. Their prices are competitive and items are good. If you are just the buyer, you will never know how much seller has to pay to them for listing the item. But as a buyer, I am totally satisfied with their services. Keep it up


I cannot give ZERO, that is the reason I gave one star.

If you are expecting any EXTRA Important documents and most importantly, that company uses DX Delivery, so only one thing I can say is THAT YOU ARE GONE...!!!!
My fate was so bad and ugly when I was waiting for my passport, my debit cards. I wasted my THREE full days at home waiting for these items and they never reached me on time especially when I really needed them. And the customer care of DX delivery is soooooo rude that they never tell you when you will be getting the parcel and if you ask they either hang up or put you on hold saying let me talk to the delivery man. I asked the advisor to transfer my call to manager, but the manager is also shit and he says WHAT CAN I DO? IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED THE DELIVERY, THEN WHY THE F**K ARE YOU COMPLAINING TO ME. These were the words he told me and I swear, If this fellow comes in front of me, I would take him to court and sue for such behaviour. This company is not at all a company, at least debt collecting agencies behave better than these shitty people.

10 May 2013

Reply from DX

Hi Harshita,

I am so sorry to hear that you have experienced such poor Customer service, and I apologies on their behalf. This is not acceptable and we would like to raise and investigation into who dealt with your delivery. Please can you send tracking, details of your delivery and contact details to social@thedx.co.uk. Thanks, DX


Great site with loads of discounts

It is first time I heard about Fragrance Direct. My friends told it about various discounts going on the website and I was really impressed with it. I shopped few beauty products and there are loads of postage options giving you flexibility and ordering as per your convenience. I am overall satisfied with the purchase and quality of services provided by Fragrance direct. Will shop again in future.

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