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Great since moving from s**t service at Tiscali/Talk Talk

Moved to plusnet from Tiscale/Talk Talk, which frankly was a joke. It was the first time I had realised that you didn't have to make a cup of tea whilst waiting for a small video to download! My download speeds are great, the phone service transfer from BT was smooth and it was the first time my phone had worked for over a month. After the combo of BT and Talk Talk messing up at the exchange (which it took them a month and 4 visits from an engineer to identify several times, despite them first identifying it within 2 days). Tiscali was good before Talk Talk took it over, now it takes about £50 of calls just to identify that they have a problem, all of which at your expense and with no broadband.

15 October 2013

Reply from Plusnet

A tad late responding but thanks for the positive comments Amanda :)

Best regards,

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Digital Care.


One star is too good for them

I cannot believe how c**p these people are. Since talk talk bought tiscali I have had no end of faults and if they had their way I wouldlying aying for services they seem incapable of delivering. In fact today, to find out what was going on with my on running Internet fault, I had to ring them despite being told 3 days ago it would be sorted "within 72 hours and an engineer would call me" only to be told their own network was down so they couldn't access my details. This after waiting 10 minutes on on expensive line to find out exactly nothing.

They are a disgrace and OFCOM should shut them down.


Used to be good now talk talk has ruined it

When I joined tiscali it was a really good service provider and reasonable cost. Then Talk Talk took it over. I now have to stay with them if I want to keep my initially free tiscali email address and frankly despite all the hassle of changing I AM GOING. I have never experienced such bad service, such poor customer care scripts, such appalling English (though great when you consider they are from Calcutta, Bangalore, new Delhi and the Philippines) and so little listening. If they spent as much time sorting out the problem as sending deceitful messages to say that your service is working, when it isn't, they might get the issues dealt with. Instead they seem much more keen to take your money and any time there is an issue blame a) your equipment, b) your phone provider or c) you for clearly being unreasonable when you think it's not good value to pay for an Internet service that is non existent. On top of which if another recorded phone message suggests that I go online to monitor my Internet fault, I will probably have some kind of seizure. Surely the whole point of reporting a fault indicates that you cannot do just that THAT'S WHY YOU'RE PHONING AT GREAT EXPENSE. Just a frustrating rip off. Don't join Talk talk if you want to get a service of any kind.

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