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Broken Furniture, Rude Staff, Not turning up, Inaccurrate recording of complaints

Hi people

Below is a full breakdown of a review I gave on another site and the correspondence with OFL that came after that. I'm sorry about the length here, but I think it gives a good indication of what you'll be dealing with if you buy from them.


We ordered almost £2000 worth of bedroom furniture. 3 of the 5 items arrived broken. When we called up the advisor told us that it was unreasonable for us to be unhappy because having broken furniture delivered was "like snow falling from the sky" and they couldn't do anything about it. I'm a solicitor, so I asked for the address for their legal department, to which I was told no, and that there was "no legal precedent" for me to be writing to them. I have to say this is the first time I've been lectured in the law of Scotland by a man who answers telephones for a furniture company.

We then emailed, and a very nice woman rang us back and told us she would have the refund department contact us to refund the delivery (£30) and arrange to have a new table, mirror and door for the wardrobe delivered. The wardrobe door would then be fitted by a company that they contracted the work out to.

The new items were delivered, and one of the three arrived broken. Cue another email to oak furniture land. The wardrobe door was to be fitted the following day, except the company contracted to do it didn't show up. We then had to phone OFL again (via their premium rate number). Phone call one: I was put through to sales by mistake then cut off. Phone call two: I was put through to customer services, then cut off after 3 minutes. Phone call three: they contacted the company who were to fit the door - they told OFL that they had turned up at the time specified (of course they did - I've never heard of a company admit to not turning up). They eventually offered us £35 to get the mirror reframed and £40 to fix the wardrobe door ourselves, which I immediately accepted just to never have to deal with OFL ever again. Except we're still waiting for the refund department to contact us. My partner rang this afternoon and was told there was no one in the entire refund department. Not a single person. We also heard nothing back about the "snow falling from the sky" man, despite asking them to look into the complaint.

The moral here is: just shop elsewhere. OFL furniture is nice, but if you have a job and a life and don't want to wait in endlessly for the delivery of broken goods and for people who don't show up it's much easier just shopping somewhere else. It's just not worth it, trust me

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Written on: 25/04/2013

Hi there,

Thank you for the feedback.

I am sorry to see that your experience has not been enjoyable this far.

If you would like me to investigate your comments to ensure your query has been handled correctly then please feel free to email along with your order details.

Kind Regards

<private data removed>
Customer Relations

<private data removed>'s Comment

Written on: 26/04/2013

I have now replied to this message asking Mr <private data removed> to "investigate my comments". I will post again on this forum if I get a response

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Written on: 01/05/2013

Here is the outcome of the investigation of my complaint. This is what you will be dealing with if you buy from Oak Furniture Land. Copied below is 1) their email to me and 2) my response.



Many thanks for your email and giving us the opportunity to address your concerns.

Customer feedback is incredibly important to us and I can assure you we will take your comments on board.

I have looked in to the history of your order and can see from your original delivery it has taken 5 weeks to get all issues resolved. I am pleased to note that we offered and agreed a resolution on the same day you advised us of the issues. Ultimately the delays incurred were due to stock levels and appointments with Homeserve Furniture Repairs. For this I apologise.

The credit card details registered to your account were correct, however I believe there was some confusion whether the card details were yours or your partners.

Re-glazing of mirrors usually costs approximately £20-£25 depending on the area and company you use, we offer £35 allowance to ensure this more than covers the costs incurred.

Your comments concerning the individuals you have spoken to have been forwarded to the relevant manager for review. We train our staff to be helpful, polite and professional at all times and I am sorry if you feel this was not your experience.

Having reviewed the actions taken on your order I am pleased to confirm they are all in line with our policies and procedures.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to inform me of your concerns.

Kind regards,
Customer Relations

E:<external link removed>



thank you for your email.

I note that you refer to "all issues" having been resolved in five weeks. You have clearly not read my email or my review - had you properly done so, you would know what the main issues are.

You state in your response that your company offered a resolution on the same day that you were advised of the issues. That is simply not true. We were eventually offered a resolution days later, having put up with your advisor's appalling rudeness, once I had emailed your company with photographs. I have had a number of quotes to re-glaze the mirror, none of which have been under £35. Similarly, the difficulty with the credit card details was not as you have narrated - you had my card details, and my partners, but were about to refund the money (only half of which was authorised at first due to yet another mistake by your company) to a card ending ****. I have never had a credit card ending in those numbers.

There is little point in emailing me if you are going to respond with comments which are inaccurate and display a lack of understanding of the substantive issues. I note that you have forwarded my comments about the individuals we spoke with to your manager. Again, had you read the complaint properly you would see that it was only one individual that was the problem. We were told that the matter had already been referred to a manager - you are simply restating the same thing again and I have no faith at all that this will happen.

To add insult to injury, when I posted my review on "Review Centre" I was sent an email from them which stated that your company had responded to that review by disputing the fact that I was even a customer. I then had to send through confirmation before my review was re-posted to the website.

Thank you for confirming that matters have been resolved in line with your policies and procedures. This simply reiterates how little you care about your customers.

Yours sincerely,

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Written on: 09/05/2013

Here's the latest - had a voicemail message from a "manager" in the customer services department on Thursday 2nd May 2013 saying she was calling to discuss my complaint. I was working and couldn't answer the call. In her message she told me that she would try to ring me back the following day (Friday 3rd My 2013), failing which she would email me.

It's now 9th May and there has been no follow up call and no email. No one in this company knows what they are doing and they don't care about their customers.

Be warned people

Ofl_Customer_Relations_Team's Comment

Written on: 09/05/2013


I have been looking through your order and our email system.

I can see a voicemail was left on Thursday 2nd May.

Friday 3rd May another phone call was made but unfortunately not able to reach you again so an email was sent. Please can I request you check your junk/spam box to see if it has gone in to there. If you don't have it then please email us so we can forward this on to you.

Kind Regards

<private data removed>
Customer Relations

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Written on: 09/05/2013

Dear <private data removed>

I am responding via Review Centre because each time I email you a different person replies.

No one from your company telephoned me on Friday 3rd May. My phone is configured to log missed calls- the nature of my work as a solicitor means that a missed call can be vitally important. I have no missed calls from your company since 2nd May 2013.

Similarly, I have received no email. Your company has emailed me on a number of occasions and none of those emails has ever gone to spam.

I am not interested in what is reported on your email system. It is my opinion based on my correspondence with your company to date that your advisors simply enter whatever they want onto your email system, irrespective of what the true situation is.

I am not willing to continuously chase your company via phone and email for a resolution which I do not believe will ever materialise. Asking me to email/phone you for the umpteenth time, simply to be put through to a different person is completely pointless. It is a waste of my time. You have all of my contact details- if your company were really interested in resolving the issues raised you could have done so. It is my opinion that your advisors are more concerned about logging inaccurate information onto your system to cover their own backs.

Yours sincerely

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