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Apartheid Continued...

This is with respect to my sad experience with Phones 4 U, 34 High Street, Bracknell, RG12 1LL.

I have purchased a Samsung Note 2 Flip Case on 08 May 2013 at 16:51 PM from above mentioned store worth 24.95 Pounds. I was not carrying my phone at the time of purchase, hence took it to home.

The details of my purchase are - Rect 044408004663 from Tim G

I went to my home and tried fitting it in my Samsung Note 2 Phone and it got fixed but fitting was not absolutely perfect. Hence, next day I went to the store and told my issue to Allan E.

I calmly explained the persisting problem to him but suddenly he turned angry and said that the product is like that only.

I wanted to ask him whether we can try with other Flip Case on stock but before I could utter anything Mr. Allan said you return the product and take refund in rude way.

The details of my refund are -

Rect 044408004675 (80806085321007) on 10 May 2013 at 14:16 PM

Cashier (rt06faze)

Customer ID Number - 1005201314155108

I find Phones 4 U, a very nice brand but the representative ruined my day. He returned the product but I wanted to buy the product as a customer who possess self respect as any other people around.

I presume him to be racist, as without any reason his unexpectable behaviour made me believe that people from other background having slight difference in shade of the colour of their skin don't deserve to be treated as equals.

He ripped out the cover from my phone and left me unattended on the till.

Such pompous action can be even verified in CCTV camera (around 14:16 PM)

Basically, my concern is not about money or the product but generally about the treatment of the people by such rare people. Elsewhere, I have good experience in UK till date.

I expect apology from the concerned person, if at all you consider my above mentioned plea reasonable and justifiable.

Moreover, I must say now I have apprehension to walk inside the said store in bracknell.

It's a shame.



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