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Not Sharp at all

We wanted to replace our fitted bedroom units and as we had used Sharps for two of our other rooms and received an excellent service we thought we were on safe ground using them again. What a mistake - the salesman designed a lovely bedroom, 'please make sure that the gap on the left is roomy enough to open the doors', 'of course there is plenty of room', 'are you sure that you can get alcoves in walnut', 'yes, I've checked and you can get them'. The surveyor came to check the designer's plan -same question regarding space - again confirmed that there was, didn't bother to check the alcoves - silly me! Next day - the surveyor phoned, 'we don't do walnut alcoves' - furious I called Sharps - 'you have sold us a design and you can't deliver it, I want to cancel my order' - 'don't worry we have made a special order for you and we can now supply the items'. Bedroom fitted - lots of mess left behind (just hidden under the free standing unit) - still no alcoves and the gap is too small. When the alcoves finally arrived, they were damaged, incomplete and too big for the space, unbelievable - but Sharps' view was 'it's OK we will give you a credit note so it's not a problem! Sharps communication to the customer is appalling, I have had to phone numerous times, left my mobile number with the staff but my records have not been updated. There is NO transparency in the pricing, so when you receive a credit for something you didn't get, you can't tell whether it's right or not.

Would I use Sharps again - NO
Would I recommend Sharps - NO
Does the product provide value for money - NOT ANY MORE
Customer Service - Appalling, I don't even think that they know the meaning of the words

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