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Kwik Fit

Would be reluctant to use again

After booking a mobile service and working from home between 8-5:30 when my tyres were due to be fitted, i was left rather disappointed when at 5pm no one had yet turned up. I phoned the contact centre who were helpful in relaying my concerns to the area manager who phoned me back immediately to tell me they'd be there at 5:30. This was already not really acceptable as they said the work would be complete between 8-5:30 but at least id still get the tyres fitted.
However my satisfaction was short lived and the area manager phoned me back to say the truck that my tyres were on was stuck and they wouldn't be able to fit them that day.

I said this was unacceptable but what were kwik-fit going to do to resolve the issue. Their response? Nothing. They would only fit them another day. The problem wasn't mine and even though they admitted poor customer service, they offered nothing for the inconvenience. Doubting very much that they would turn up another day and saving myself the inconvenience I requested a refund and would seriously have to rethink before using them again. I interestingly heard about their promotion on pirelli tyres after cancelling the order for my missing pirelli tyres and noted that despite the promotion the tyres were still the same price before and after the promotion.

Anyways, tyres are now fitted elsewhere and I'm completely satisfied with a non kwik-fit experience.

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